Frequently Asked Questions

An unsatisfactory Level II FBI background check and/or drug screen may delay the admission process
and lead to possible ineligibility for admission into the nursing program. Dependent upon the type and
time of an incident, per Florida State Board of Nursing web site and clinical agencies, mandates may be
subject to further scrutiny. Individuals who fail to meet the requirements of the screenings and are
deemed ineligible for enrollment would be required to drop the courses and will be terminated from the

Students can submit their application by visiting Health Sciences Admissions.

Then click on Step 2 to Create an Account. At this time all requirements have been met and transcripts
have been submitted and evaluated by an advisor.

The Nursing Program offers three program options for the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing: Two full-time program options: the Generic Option, and the LPN-RN Transition Option. The third program option is a Part Time Generic Option for those who must work Monday - Friday.

Yes, in Spring Term (January) and subject to change due to availability. Please visit Health Sciences Admissions Criteria for latest updates. Classes are conveniently offered with theory courses one (1) evening per week and clinical lab courses offered on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

The Generic program is approx. six (6) semesters in length. The LPN-RN Transition Program is approx.
five (5) semesters in length. The Part-Time Generic Program is approx. ten (10) semesters in length.

Traditional classroom, blended, and during an emergency, classes are offered remotely.

Currently, Broward College does not offer an online nursing program.

The Generic Program admission is three (3) times a year for each term: Fall (August), Spring (January), Summer (May).

Application Dates for the Generic Program
Term Application Submission Dates
Term 1 Fall (August Admission) March 28 to May 30
Term 2 Spring (January Admission) July 15 to September 17
Term 3 Summer (May Admission) November 1 to February 14

The LPN-RN Transitional Program admission is one (1) time a year in Summer Term.

Application Dates for the LPN-RN Transition Program
Term Application Submission Dates
Term 3 Summer (May Admission) March 18

The application period for the LPN-RN Transition Program is Open Ended. The May Open-Ended Application Period means that students are allowed to submit an application for consideration to the LPN-RN Transition Program until all available seats are filled.

The Generic Part-Time Program admission is one (1) time a year in Spring Term.

Application Dates for the Generic Part-Time Program
Term Application Submission Dates
Term 2 Spring (January PT Admission) July 15 to September 17

The Part Time Program is subject to change due to availability. Please check health sciences admissions website for latest updates. Student must apply within given application windows provided above or will not be considered for the program.

Admissions requirements for the Associate of Science in Nursing Generic Program can be found under
Health Sciences Admissions Criteria.


Admissions requirements for the Associate of Science in Nursing LPN-RN Transition Program can be found under Health Sciences Admissions Criteria.

The LPN applying to the LPN-RN Transition nursing program option requires a current Florida Practical Nurse License (LPN), without restriction/obligations/public complaint, and one year of clinical experience working as an LPN. The requirements are the same admission requirements for the LPN-RN Transition program as it is for the generic ADN program.

All applications are subject to current Health Sciences Admissions Criteria.

Admissions requirements for the Associate of Science in Nursing Generic Part-Time Program can be
found under Health Sciences Admissions Criteria.

Students pay for each application they submit to the AS Nursing program(s). If a student applies to the RN program (generic full-time, generic part-time, or LPN to RN Transition) for the first time, they are charged the $20 application fee, but will not be charged again if the student re-applies to the same program. If the student decides to apply to another RN Track, they will be charged the $20 application fee for the new program. (i.e. The student applies to the full-time generic program and then decides to apply to the part-time program as well, the student is charges 2- $20 application fees).

No. Students who submit their application prior to completing the pre-requisites, or before passing the HESI exam, will not be considered for admission. Students will also not be considered if applying outside the application windows.

Yes. The required test is the HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Test. Students are required to test on Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Math, and A&P. A percentage grade of 80% or higher is required on all sections.

Testing Center- You must have a Broward College Student ID number to register.

For further information call 954-201-6134 or email

Visiting the Testing website to view HESI Testing Fees.

Please visit the Health Sciences Admissions Criteria page under Program Admissions Criteria for the specific selection information for nursing.

No. There is no waitlist. Students who are not selected for a specific class in the Nursing program must
re-apply in order to be considered for the next incoming class.

The Full Time Nursing program is offered on the 3 major campus sites. The North Campus located in Coconut Creek (building 41), Central Campus located in Davie (building 8), and South Campus located in Pembroke Pines (building 72). The Part Time Nursing program is only offered on our North Campus in Coconut Creek (building 41).

The Generic RN program starts every term (August, January, and May). The LPN-RN program only
begins in May (Summer term). The Part-time Generic program begins every January (Spring term) and is
subject to change due to availability. Please check Health Sciences Admissions website for latest
updates. The official start dates for the terms are located on the Broward College term dates

Please meet with your assigned academic advisor to ensure you meet criteria to apply. Transfer students
should meet with an advisor as well to ensure transfer credits have been received and applied to their
degree audit. Or contact the Health Science Admissions representative by email

Application status can be monitored on the students myBC account. To login, please visit and click on login in the upper right-hand corner with your student ID and password. Select myBC and then select “Limited Access Application Status.”

Students selected for the program will be notified by the Health Science Admissions department via their BC e-mail account within 30 business days after the application deadline date. Students selected will be required to respond to the e-mail notice to accept or decline the admission by deadline date provided in the email. Failure to reply with any response will forfeit the considered seat for admission and will require students to reapply for the next available admission.

Students who are not accepted in a particular term, can reapply by submitting another application during the designated application period to be considered for admission. The $20 application fee will not be charged for students who have already paid the fee. All students who reapply are subject to the current admissions criteria.

Follow the instructions contained within the acceptance e-mail sent to you by the Health Sciences Admissions Department. The e-mail communication will inform students of a required, pre-admissions orientation session. At this mandatory admission orientation, the required information will be provided to all students to complete, such as the criminal background, drug screening which is done through American Databank; Medical & History and Physical Exam Forms; certificates and registration for courses.

See the Admission Policy Manual

Yes. As part of the clinical practicum curriculum, you will be required to attend several clinical rotations at various Broward County Health Care Agencies. The clinical agencies vary with the campus location you are registered for the nursing program.

Broward College Nursing Program partners with Broward County clinical agencies/hospitals for clinical experience. Clinical Courses are usually offered and assigned at hospitals within a radius of the campus
location that the student is registered at. North, Central and South campuses utilize HCA-East FL Division, Broward Health System, Memorial HealthCare System, TENET, Cleveland Clinic, Kindred Hospital, Wellpath Recovery Solution, Plantation Nursing Rehabilitation and Holy Cross Hospital.

In the part-time program, students are able to maintain a full-time job while attending classes at night and on the weekends. For the full-time program, the decision should be made by the student based on the demands of the program.

No, Students will continue to enroll in nursing classes at the campus they attended during their first semester in the nursing program.

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing

Estimation of Fees for Program: Costs are subject to change
Application Fees In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
Broward College $35.00 $35.00
Health Programs - Limited Access $20.00 $20.00
Total $55.00 $55.00
Miscellaneous Fees In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
Entrance Exam A2 Evolve Assessment by HESI-on campus $97.50 $97.50
- Remote ($91.50)
Complio (American Databank)
- 21 years and older $166.00 $168.00
- Under 21 years ($158.00 instate & $160.00 out of state)
Total using 21 and over & on campus A2 exam $263.50 $265.50
Continuing Education Required Courses In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
HIV/AIDS $40.00 $40.00
TB/OSHA/Hep $60.00 $60.00
CPR/ Basic Life Support  $100.00  $100.00
Domestic Violence  $27.00  $27.00
Prevention of Medical Errors   $27.00 $27.00
Florida Law & Rules  $27.00 $27.00
Total $281.00 $281.00
Pre-Requisite Courses In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
14 Credit Hours $1,650.60 $5,222.00
General Education Courses In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
13 Credit Hours $1,532.70 $4,849.00
Nursing Credit Courses In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
Pharmacology & Math Topics for Health - 3 credits $353.70 $1,119.00
Tuition - Generic Program 45 Credit Hours plus lab fees $6,299.40 $17,661.00
Tuition - Generic Program 36 Credit Hours plus lab fees $5,288.20 $14,236.00
Books & Supplies In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
Books $3,197.14 $3,197.14
Supplies $435.80 $435.80
Total $3,632.94 $3,632.94
Total Expenses In-State Fees Out-of-State Fees
Total Generic Program $14,068.84 $33,085.44
Total LPN - RN Transition Program $13,057.64 $29,660.44

You will be awarded an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing.

Yes. Please visit our Broward College Scholarships Applications.

Broward County Public Healthcare Systems Sponsorship opportunities are also available. These sponsorships will provide funds to assist with your tuition and costs in return for a 2-year employment commitment after graduation. To be eligible you must be formally accepted and fully registered into the first Nursing Course (Process I). A representative will visit the class to provide further details and information.

Yes. There is a required BC Logo uniform for all Theory / Lab / Clinical sessions which is available for purchase at the College bookstore on each of the 3 main campuses. Prior to attending any theory, clinical, lab, or nursing events you will be required have this uniform to wear.

Yes. To practice nursing in the State of Florida, you must have a Registered Nursing RN License.

High Earning Potential – approximate average entry-level salary in Broward County is $65,300 (Source:

Yes. The Associate of Science Degree curriculum provides some of the needed prerequisites required for admission with the Associate of Science degree in Nursing and your Registered Nurse (RN) License into a post-licensure baccalaureate nursing program. The Broward College RN-BSN Program is costeffective and is offered online. Direct admissions upon completion of Broward College’s AS Nursing program is available to all students with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.

-Yes. The Associate of Science, nursing program at Broward College at the Central Campus, located in Davie, Florida is accredited by the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326 (404) 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the Associate of Science, nursing program is Continuing Accreditation, and approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBN). Broward College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate and baccalaureate degrees. Contact the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Broward College.

Yes. Visit the Health Science Continuing Education website.

Yes, Broward College offers assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, soft skills certification and job placement through the Career Centers. Students and graduates can access career service professionals remotely or at one of our three main campuses and apply to current openings on the College’s online job board. Additionally, if a student received Sponsorship with one of the Broward County Public Healthcare Systems, they would receive job placement (after passing RN State Licensure) at one of the respective hospitals in Broward County and would begin their employment obligation.