This exclusive collaborative of workforce innovators will provide invaluable insight into industry sectors to enhance and expand programming by examining current workforce demands and anticipating future trends within their respective pathways. The commitment of these industry leaders will enrich the educational and career development experience for students by sharing their expertise of the real-world perspectives for emerging technologies, market dynamics, and industry challenges, as well as by ensuring ample opportunities for meaningful employer connections. The benefits of appointment to the Workforce CEO Council include:

  • Community Development: Members make a difference by sharing strategic insights to enhance the economic development and growth of the region's workforce.

  • Expansive Network and Opportunities: Members will have the opportunity to expand their professional networks and connect with other forward-thinking CEOs.

  • Virtual and In-person Events: Employment Solutions organizes both virtual and in-person events where members can participate and engage in discussions, workshops, and presentations related to relevant and impactful topics.

  • Speaking Panel Participation: Members will have the opportunity to participate in speaking panels to share expertise and insights with the community.

  • Corporate Hosted Dinners: Members will have access to corporate hosted dinners, providing a platform for networking and fostering relationships with other industry leaders.

  • Email Newsletters & Updates: Members will receive regular email newsletters and updates, keeping them informed about the latest developments, trends, and opportunities in workforce development.

  • Exclusive Access to Talent Pool: Members gain exclusive access to a talent pool, allowing them to connect with potential candidates who align with the goals and values of their organizations.

  • Early Preview of Career Fairs: Members have the advantage of early preview and access to career fairs, enabling them to identify talent and recruitment opportunities ahead of others.

  • Employer Recognition and Spotlights: Broward College appreciates the dedication of our Workforce CEO Council members and aims to publicly recognize both organizations and individual representatives across its multiple platforms.

Overall, through its collective expertise, the Workforce CEO Council strives to create a strong community, provide impactful networking engagements, enhance career development opportunities for students and community members, and address important topics relevant to the success of your organization and its employees.

To learn more, contact Jill Horowitz, Sr. Director, Employment Solutions.