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EAP and ESL Lab

Welcome to the South Campus Language/Reading/MFL Lab
The Language/Reading/MFL Lab encompasses English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and Modern Foreign Language (MFL). EAP students who are currently enrolled in an EAP course have an opportunity to maximize their exposure to and experience with the sounds of the English language through the instruction and practice of English phonetics and grammar. Reading skills are also taught to aid EAP students with their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. A wealth of resources in the discipline lab provide opportunities for additional practice, reinforcement, and mastery of the content taught in the classroom. The Language/Reading/MFL Lab also provides one on one or small group assistance with a tutor.
The EAP Program includes an academic schedule of these courses:

EAP Combined Skills

Listening and Speaking
EAP 0300C/EAP 0400C

EAP 0385C/EAP 0485C

EAP 0320C/EAP 0420C/EAP 1520C


*Visit to review the EAP course/class schedule to learn about the objective and goals of each course.


MFL (Modern Foreign Language)

The Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Lab has resources available to support the learning needs of students enrolled in the scheduled foreign language classes. The computers and headsets in the MFL are your gateway to a plethora of resources to support your language acquisition. The Modern Foreign Language academic schedule offers foreign language courses:

Spanish –
SPN 1120/SPN 1121

French –
FRE 1120/FRE 1121

Italian –
ITA 1120/ITA 1121

*Visit to review the MFL course/class schedule to learn about the objective and goals of each course.

The goal of the Language/Reading/MFL Lab is to support the academic success of Broward College students by providing quality service throughout your academic career.

We look forward to meeting you! Have an excellent journey!

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