BC Talks: 4th Annual College-wide Speech Contest

So You Think You Can Speak: An Impromptu Showdown

Thursday, March 25, 2021; 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Welcoming Remarks

Rosena Beniste, Host

Introduction of Contestants

Carmen Estela, Contestant #101
Jaali Patterson, Contestant #102
Brianna Barrett, Contestant #103
James Espada, Contestant #104
Noah MacDonald, Contestant#105
Calvin Martin, Contestant #106
Maria Batista, Contestant #107
Daniel Egues, Contestant #108
Martinee Jean, Contestant #109
Camille Plummer, Contestant #110
Joshua Ostergaard, Contestant #112
Jay Dhawan, Contestant #113


Level 1: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Jalila Patterson, Singer

Level 2: It's Storytime

Emmanuel David, Pianist

Level 3: Speak Your Mind on Social Injustice

Kathryn Manarang, Spoken Word
The Grain of Rice

Closing Remarks

Rosena Beniste, Host

Communication Administrators

Jamonica Rolle, Communication Pathway Dean
Amoy Reid, Associate Dean, Central
Edward Cornejo, Associate Dean, South
Michelle Jackson, Associate Dean, North
Priscilla Suarez, Associate Dean, Online

BC Talks Committee

Rosena Beniste, Speech Faculty, Central
Laura Raymond, Speech Faculty, Central
Kimberly Kamuca, Speech Faculty, North
Victoria Ng, Speech Faculty, Central
Cornelius Brownlee, Speech Faculty, South

BC Talks' So You Think You Can Speak: An Impromptu Showdown is the 4th annual college-wide speech contest. Impromptu speaking is the delivery of a speech without much or any time to prepare. To do well, a contestant must discuss the topic appropriately, develop an organized speech, as well as deliver the speech with confidence and within a specific time limit.

Objectives of BC Talks

  • To showcase the public speaking capabilities of our student body
  • To provide an opportunity for proficient speakers to gain speech experience
  • To educate students on the fundamentals of public speaking by observing proficient speakers