Maintaining Eligibility at Broward


Electronic Process

  • All enrolled veterans who wish to use their VA benefits while attending Broward College must complete a Veteran Benefit Certification each term after they have registered for classes.  This certification is how veterans notify our office of their desire to use VA benefits while attending.  If you are new to Broward College, you will be required to attach your Certificate of Eligibility or a screenshot of your eBenefits portal when you complete a certification.  Please be advised that the VA will not pay for courses that are not required for your program of study. 

Eligibility through the term

  • Enrollment is submitted for the dates of the courses you are enrolled.  If you enroll in multiple sessions, separate enrollment certifications will be sent to the VA for processing.  The VA will process your enrollment and pay your housing allowance based on the dates of the term/session you are registered in.  It is important you pay close attention to the sessions you register for since it will impact the rate you are paid by the VA.

Aviation Students

  • Veterans enrolled in an Aviation Program must complete a Veteran Benefit Aviation Certification each term.  Students taking Aviation courses will not have their enrollment submitted to the VA until an Aviation Plan is provided by an advisor.  It is important to note that there will be a delay in processing of your certification if you have any incompletes "I's" for flight courses you previously enrolled in.  If you receive an "I" for the term, please e-mail our office to discuss how this will impact future payment from the VA.