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Lingua Language Center

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Students learning english. 
 Bilingual speakers have a competitive edge
If you would like to pursue a higher education degree as an international student but are at an early stage in the mastery of the English language, have not finished high school, want to increase your professional value, or to simply achieve personal growth, mastering English or a foreign language is your passport to success! 
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Inscríbase con tiempo. Cupo limitado.
Open Enrollment: Student can begin classes Monday of each week.
Podrá comenzar clases cualquier lunes.

The Lingua Center at Broward College is federally authorized to enroll non-immigrant foreign students.​​ Autorizado bajo le Ley Federal para inscribir estudiantes extranjeros no inmigrantes.​​​

Multiple Level Discounts are offered on all programs (up to 25% off).
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Our programs prepare you for a professional career and enhance your personal growth through language education. Classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology. As part of the admissions process, you will take the placement test. We offer a  "Total Package" support services guiding international students through the process of transitioning to American higher education. 
Course Title: English​
  • Semi-Intensive English
  • Part-Time English
  • English Conversation & Accent Reduction
  • TOEFL Test Preparation
  • Business English
Course Title: English and Foreign Languages
English - Spanish - Portuguese - French - Mandarin
  • Customized Language Courses
  • Customized Corporate Language Courses
  • Customized Language Boot Camp


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All students are placed according to communicative ability in the language. There are seven levels of language proficiency as outlined below:
LEVEL 1: Low Beginner - Unable to function in the spoken language.
LEVEL 2: Mid Beginner -  Able to function in only a very limited capacity by using a number of memorized words and phrases.
LEVEL 3: High Beginner - Able to satisfy immediate needs with learned utterances. Does not speak in complete sentences.
LEVEL 4: Low Intermediate -  Able to handle a variety of tasks in previously learned, uncomplicated social situations. Speech is generally limited to the present tense and sentences may not always be complete.
LEVEL 5: Mid Intermediate - Able to successfully handle a variety of communicative tasks in uncomplicated social situations. Can ask and respond to questions, make requests for information, and express personal meaning, but the quality and quantity of language is not sustained at a High Intermediate level in all contexts.
LEVEL 6: High Intermediate - information, and express personal meaning, but responses may still contain hesitancy and grammatical inaccuracies.
LEVEL 7: Low Advanced - Able to narrate and describe in major time frames and can talk about a wide range of concrete social and work topics. May still make errors with basic grammatical structures, but they have a much stronger control of the grammatical system than the Intermediate level.


Benefits to Enroll

  • Prepare for higher education
  • Transition smoothly into American academic life
  • Experience the American culture
  • Expand opportunities
  • Position your firm in the global market
  • Improve overall performance
  • Outperform the competition
  • Converse confidently with co-workers, friends, clients and locals
  • Enjoy traveling to its fullest extent

Reasons to Enroll

  • Learn from degreed, experienced, culturally-oriented professors trained in the LINGUASM Methodology
  • Discover immersion learning techniques that produce fast results
  • Study in classrooms and labs equipped with the latest technology
  • Sample of the American college life
  • Receive personalized attention and active class participation
  • Learn, how to keep your language skills, and how to use them in real life
  • Gain cultural aspects of the countries where your language of study is spoken

“We provide effective language education, thus ensuring the mastery of a new language”
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Address: 225 E Las Olas Blvd., 6th Floor I Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301                            
Phone: 954-577-9955 
Toll Free: 1-888-6-Lingua (1-888-654-6482)
Fax: 954-201-1045
  • Obtain three insurance licenses exam-free
  • Complete your degree in only 24 months
  • Earn your A.S. in Vision Care.
  • Learn More
  • Most Affordable
  • Third Year in a Row
  • Ranked 3rd for Associate Degrees
  • Our Grads Earn More
  • Ranked #2 in the Nation
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