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Cambridge International Exams

The AICE program is an international, advanced secondary curriculum and assessment program equivalent to the British system of “A-Levels.” Students who wish to receive AICE credits should submit official transcripts to the Registrar’s office. Information about the program, including course syllabi, can be found on-line at     
Note: Passing score of A, B, C, D, E grades not based on the American "A-F" grading scale.   



​Exam Title ​Course Credit ​Credit Hours ​Comments
Accounting (AS-Level)
​ACG 2001​3
​Accounting (A-Level)​ACG 2001 and another ACG course​6
Applied ICT –Information, Communication Technology
​CGS 1060C​3
​Applied ICT- Information, Communication Technology (A-Level)​​Institutional discretion/elective credit​6
Art and Design (AS-Level)​​No course number recommended​3
Art and Design (A-Level)​​No course number recommended​6
Biology (AS-Level)​​BSC 1005/1005L ​4
Biology (A-Level)​​BSC 1010/1010L and additional credit at institution’s discretion, based on optional topics studied​7
Business Studies (AS-Level)
​GEB 1011 ​3
Business Studies (A-Level)​GEB 1011 and another GEB course ​6
​Chemistry (AS-Level)​​​CHM 1020/1020L​4
Chemistry (A-Level)​
​CHM 1020/1020L and CHM 1045/1045L
​Classical Studies (AS-Level)​CLA 1010​3
Computing (AS-Level)​​CGS 1073 ​3​CGS 1073 is a unique number for this exam.
Computing (A-Level)​
​CGS 1073 and  CGS 1074
​6​CGS 1073 and CGS 1074 are unique numbers for this exam.
Design and Technology (AS-Level)​
​ETI 1482C​3
Design and Technology
​ETI 1482C or
ETI 1482/1482L and another ETI course
Economics (AS-Level)​
​ECO 2000 ​3
​Economics (A-Level)​ECO 2013 and ECO 2023 ​6
English (AS-Level) – English Language or Language
& Literature in English​
​ENC 1101​3
​English (A Level)​ENC 1101 and either ENC 1102 or LIT 2000​6​If credit already awarded for ENC 1101 or ENC 1102, may award ENC X121 and ENC X122
English (AS-Level) –
Literature in English​
​ENC 1101 or  ENC 1102 ​3​Award credit for ENC 1102 if student has credit for ENC 1101.
English (A-Level) –
Literature in English
​ENC 1101 and ENC1102 or ENC 1102 and LIT 2100 ​6​Award credit for ENC 1102/LITX006 if student has credit for ENC 1101.
​Environmental Management
​EVR 1001​3​Only offered at AS-level
​French Language (AS-Level)​FRE 2220 or
One semester of another equivalent FRE Intermediate I level course
​French Literature (AS-Level)​One semester of literature survey credit​3
French (A-Level)​​Two semesters of FRE language credit at Intermediate II level​6
Further Mathematics (A-Level)​​MAC 2311 and MAC 2312 or STA 2023​6
General Paper
​IDS 1110​3
​Geography (AS-Level)​GEA 2000​3
Geography (A-Level)​​GEO 2200 and  GEO 2400
German Language (AS-Level)​
​GER 2220 or
One semester of another equivalent GER language credit at Intermediate I level
German Language (A-Level)
​Two semesters of GER language credit at Intermediate​3
Global Perspectives 1 (AS-Level)​​ISS X011 or ISS X013 ​6
Global Perspectives Pre-U Independent Research II (A-Level)​ISS X011 or ISS X013​3​Pre-U Level results are reported on a 9-point scale of grades: Distinction (D)1, D2, D3, Merit (M) 1, M2, M3, Pass (P) 1, P2, P3 with grade D1 being the highest and grade P3 the lowest.  Pre U grade D2 = A Level exam grade A* and a P3 is > A level grade E.
​History – The History of the USA, c. 1840-1968​​AMH X042 ​3
History – Modern European History, 1789-1939​​EUH X031 or EUH X002 ​3
History – International History, 1945-1991​​HIS X206 or WOH 2040​3
Latin (AS-Level)​At least one semester of language credit up to elementary II level ​3
Marine Science (AS-Level)​OCE 1001 ​3
Marine Science (A-Level)​​OCE 1001 and  OCB 1000 ​6
Mathematics (AS-Level)
​MAC 1147 or  MAC 1140 and MAC 1114​5​MAC 1147 is composed of topics in both MAC 1114 and MAC 1140.
Mathematics (A-Level)
​MAC 2311 and other Mathematics course ​6
Music (AS-Level)
​MUH 1001 ​3
Music (A-Level)​MUH 1001 and MUH 1011 or  MUH 1012 ​6​Choice of MUH 1011 or MUH 1012 dependent on musical selections in Components 3, 4, and 5.
Physics (AS-Level)
​PHY 2020/2020L ​3
​Physics (A-Level)​PHY 2053/2053L and PHY 2054/2054L​8
​Psychology (AS-Level)​PSY 2012​3
Psychology (A-Level)​PSY 2012 and other Psychology course ​6
Sociology (AS-Level)​SYG 2000​3
Sociology (A-Level)​SYG 2000 ​3
​Spanish Language (AS-Level)​SPN 2220 or
One semester of SPN language credit at Intermediate I level
Spanish Literature (AS-Level)
​One semester of literature survey credit ​3
Spanish (A-Level)​Two semesters of SPN language credit at Intermediate II level​6
Thinking Skills (AS-Level)​PHI X103 or PHI X401 ​3
Thinking Skills (A-Level)​PHI X103 or PHI X401 and other Philosophy course​6
​Travel and Tourism (AS-Level)​HFT X000 or HFT 1700​3
Travel and Tourism (A-Level)​​​​​HFT X000 or HFT 1700  and other ​Hospitality  Management related credit​6


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