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What is dual enrollment?
​The Dual Enrollment Program at Broward College (BC) is an accelerated program that allows eligible public/charter, private and home school secondary students to take post secondary coursework and earn high school and college credits at the same time, saving both time and money! Dual Enrollment students are exempt from the payment of application fees, tuition and laboratory fees. 
What is early admission?
​Early Admission, a form of dual enrollment, allows eligible senior high school students to enroll in at least 12 credits per term and maintain a college GPA of 2.0 or greater. Early admission students wishing to matriculate to BC will need to submit their final high school transcript showing their graduation date.
Who is eligible to enroll as a dual enrolled student?
​Students who are enrolled as a student in a Florida public or non-public secondary school or home education program in Broward County may participate.  Students must have an unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 and be college ready in all three areas of placement testing for English, Reading and Math (GPA does not apply to homeschool students).
What are the eligibility requirements for students in home education programs?
​Home education students shall have equal access to dual enrollment as public school students. Home education students must present evidence to Broward County Public School’s Home Education Office that the home education program is in compliance with section 1002.41, F.S.
Home education students may find the “Recommendation and Articulation Agreement for Dual Enrollment Home School Students” online at under the Home School Students section.  A new form signed by a Broward County District Home Education Office Official is required each term to register for courses.
What are the continued eligibility requirements?
  • Complete a Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form each term with parent/legal guardian, student, school counselor and principal signatures
  • Maintain a 3.0 unweighted GPA in high school academic work
  • Maintain a 2.0 Broward College GPA
  • Earn a grade of “C” or better in each college-level course
  • Dual Enrolled students who receive a “D” or “F” grade are no longer eligible to participate in the program. 
  • Early Admission and College Academy students who receive a “D” or “F” grade may only be allowed to continue taking courses if approved by the school counselor from the high school and still meet program eligibility requirements.
Do students pay the college tuition for dual enrollment courses?
​No. A student who is enrolled in a dual enrollment or early admission program through a Florida College System institution or state university is exempt from the payment of tuition and fees, pursuant to s. 1009.25, F.S. The fee exemption includes application, registration, tuition, and laboratory fees for courses taken through dual enrollment.
Are students required to pay for textbooks?
Section 1007.271(14), F.S., specifies that “Instructional materials assigned for use within dual enrollment courses shall be made available to students from Florida public high schools free of charge.” This includes public, home school and charter school students. 
Students enrolled in non-public secondary schools must provide their own materials.
When are dual enrolled and early admission students allowed to register for courses?
​Students may register online for open and approved courses during the published registration dates, however, students are required to submit necessary dual enrollment paperwork to their school counselor by the dual enrollment deadline set by the high school. Each high school establishes its own deadlines for compiling dual enrollment paperwork; therefore, students should contact their high school counselor for specific dual enrollment deadline dates.
How many credits are dual enrolled students permitted to take per term?
Students are eligible to register for the number of credits approved by their school counselor as indicated on their “Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form”. The maximum number of credits a dual enrollment student is eligible to take is 11 credits per term.
Students participating in the early admission program, a form of dual enrolment, must take a minimum of 12 credits per fall and spring terms and must be a senior in high school.
Are prospective dual enrollment students required to take a common placement test such as the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)?
​Yes. Students must demonstrate readiness for college-credit postsecondary instruction by meeting or exceeding the college ready score(s) established in Rule 6A-10.0315, F.A.C.  Scores can be used from the PERT, ACT or SAT.
Public high school students shall have opportunities to take the PERT test at the high school as described in the Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement. For more detailed information, students should contact their high school counseling director.

Home education students seeking to participate in dual enrollment, who live in Broward County and are part of the Home Education Program in Broward County, may take the PERT test at one of Broward College’s testing centers.
For more information regarding testing, please visit
Is there a PERT test fee and how many times can students take the PERT test at BC?
​The first PERT test is free at Broward College. Any additional attempt will cost $15.00. The second attempt can be taken after 24 hours of the first attempt. Any additional attempts after the second attempt will require a waiting period of 30 day in between each.
What courses are available for dual enrollment students to take?
​Students should refer to the Dual Enrollment Approved Course List. The list is a tool for school counselors and students that identify dual enrollment courses and the high school graduation equivalency by subject area.  It is the responsibility of the high school counselor to select courses from the approved course list that fulfill high school graduation requirements.
What days and times are dual enrolled courses offered?
​Broward College offers courses in the morning, afternoon, evening, and online. Students are allowed to take courses at any time as long as it is in accordance with their high school schedule.  Questions regarding times students are permitted to take courses should be discussed with their high school counselors.
What is the process if a student wants to drop or withdraw from a course after the term has started?
Public/Charter/Private/Home School High School Students
Students may drop/withdraw from courses by logging into their BC account online or visiting a campus admissions office in person.  Students must drop/withdraw from courses by the College’s published drop and withdrawal dates as indicated on the academic calendar (
  • Please note (applicable to all students), all grades, including “W” or "WN" for withdrawal, become a part of the student’s permanent college transcript and could have a negative effect on future college admissions, scholarship opportunities and/or financial aid.
Will dual enrollment courses transfer to other colleges and universities?
​“Florida dual enrollment college credit will transfer to any Florida public college or university offering the Statewide Course Numbering System course number, and must be treated as though taken at the receiving institution. However, if students do not attend the same college or university where they earned the dual enrollment credit the application of transfer credit to general education, prerequisite, and degree programs may vary at the receiving institution. Private and out‐of‐state colleges and universities may or may not grant college credit for courses taken through dual enrollment.”
May students use grade forgiveness under the dual enrollment program?
​Dual enrolled students may only be allowed to repeat the course of which a “D” or “F” grade was earned for grade forgiveness after graduation from high school (not applicable to College Academy).
Are dual enrollment or early admission students allowed to repeat a course?

​Dual enrollment and early admission students are not allowed to repeat a course of which a grade of D, F, W or WN is earned while still enrolled in the dual enrollment program.

When a student graduates from high school, the student will then be able to repeat a course of which a D, F, W or WN grade was earned and pay for the tuition.

Do high school students automatically receive accommodations based on a disability?

​No, high school students do not automatically receive accommodations based on a disability.  Please visit the Accessibility Resources website at Broward College to learn how to obtain services for a disability -

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