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Taking Honors classes is one the most significant benefits for honors students. It is usually easy to fit them into your schedule because they are designed to meet the General Education Requirements for AA and AS degrees, especially composition, humanities, and social sciences. Honors courses differ from conventional classes in the following respects:
  • Small, seminar style classes capped at 20 students
  • Motivated students who want to learn
  • Encourages independent thinking and student participation
  • Always includes a 3000 word writing requirement
  • Incorporates stimulating and interesting Honors Projects


Honors students can register online for Honors Classes in the same way that they register for other classes and they receive the benefit of early registration. It is important to register early so you can get the Honors classes that suit your schedule and your general education requirements.
The passing grade for an Honors course is the same as the equivalent non-Honors course. However, you must earn an A or B to receive Honors credit for that course.
Honors classes do not have a higher tuition than corresponding non-honors courses.
You must be registered for three Honors credits to be eligible for an Honors College scholarship in a given term.
Honors by Contract is an arrangement where a student receives Honors Credit for a non-Honors course. It is important to realize that Honors by Contract is limited to very special circumstances and must be approved by the participating faculty member, your Campus Honors Coordinator, and The District Director of the Robert "Bob" Elmore Honors College. Students may take up to two Honors by Contract courses. Students must fill out a contract form and obtain the support of the instructor and Honors Coordinator within the first two weeks of the term (or prior to the start of the term when possible). The application form includes detailed instructions and deadline/eligibility information.
You must take 15 credits of Honors classes (including the IDH 2121 Honors Course) and maintain a minimum 3.5 Overall/Honors GPA in order to earn The Robert "Bob" Elmore Honors Institute Certificate.
IDH 2121 is the Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar course. It is the capstone course experience for The Robert "Bob" Elmore Honors College Certificate. Students are encouraged to take it at some point in their last two semesters at BC, as it helps to complete the “Honors experience.” Never take the IDH in your first semester. The courses are offered on all campuses for all three semesters (Fall, Winter, and Summer). Topics are studied from the vantage point of several disciplines and work to understand important contemporary issues.
The Robert "Bob" Elmore Honors College Certificate is an articulated achievement of academic distinction recognized by the Florida State University System and also by universities outside of Florida. As such, it is an asset when your application is evaluated for admission and for transfer scholarships. The Certificate is often necessary for admission to the junior year in Honors Colleges and can increase the scholarship amount awarded to you by some state universities.
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