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R-ATP Information

​​Graduates from Broward College's aviation programs may earn a restricted privileges​ Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP) certificate with 1,000 or 1,250 hour of flight experience.  A certifying statement from Broward College is required in order to obtain the R-ATP.

In order to receive the certifying statement, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Graduated from one of the following programs:
    • AS Professional Pilot Technology (Program ID 2107)
    • AS Aviation Administration, Commercial Pilot Specialization (Program ID 2509)
    • ​BS Aerospace Sciences (Program ID S800); and

  2. Completed both your Instrument training and​ Commercial training under Part 141 from one of the following providers while under contract with Broward College to provide flight training:
    • Phoenix East Aviation (FAA Certificate No. IHMS995E)
    • Heart of Virginia Aviation, Inc. (FAA Certificate No. 6HFS144L)
    • ​National Aviation Academy (FAA Certificate No. DV9S100L)
    • Comair Aviation Academy d/b/a Delta Connection Academy d/b/a Aerosim Flight Academy (FAA Certificate No. CE8S057Q); and​

  3. Completed 30-59 credits (for a 1,250 hour R-ATP) or 60+ credits (for a 1,000 hour R-ATP) from the following list:
    ​Course Number ​Co​ur​se Title ​Credits
    ​ASC1100​Navigational Science I​3
    ​ASC1210​Aviation Weather​3
    ​ASC1610​Aircraft Engines, Structures, and Systems​3
    ​ASC2110​Navigational Science II​3
    ​ASC2320​Aviation Law and Regulations​3
    ​ASC2472​Human Factors in Flight and Air Traffic Control​3
    ​ASC2870​Aviation Safety​3
    ​Advanced Aviation Weather​3
    ​ASC3321​Aviation Law II​3
    ​Advanced Aviation Human Factors I
    ​Transport Category Aircraft Operations I​5
    ​ASC4200​Advanced Flight Planning​3
    Advanced Aviation Human Factors II
    ​Advanced/High Altitude Aerodynamics
    ​ATF1100​​Primary Flight​3
    ​ATF2200​Commercial Flight I​3
    ​ATF2210​Commercial Flight II​3
    ​ATF2300​Commercial Flight III​3
    ​ATF2400​Multi-Engine Transition​1
    ​ATF2500​Flight Instructor Training​2
    ​ATF2600​Flight Simulator Training​1
    ​ATF2630​Basic Instrument Simulator​1
    ​ATT1100​Aeronautical Science​3
    ​ATT1810​Environment of the Air Traffic Control System​3
    ​ATT2110​Commercial Flight Theory​3
    ​ATT2120​Instrument Flight Theory​​3​
    ​ATT2820​Introduction to Air Traffic Control​3
    ​AVM1440​Airport and Airline Security​3
    ​Aviation Safety and Security II​3

​​​​​If you believe that you meet the minimum requirements, please prepare clear, color copies of the following (.jpg preferred):
  1. Both sides of your current certificate
  2. 141 endorsements for Instrument training and​ Commercial training​​
​Send these documents, via email, along with the following information:
  1. ​Your name
  2. Broward College Student ID Number​
​​Please provide all of the above information via email by clicking here.
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