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PTA Curriculum (Major Code 2153)

First Year Term III – Summer – First Semester

Course Number​Course Title​Credit
HSC 1531Medical Terminology​3
BSC 2085*Anatomy and Physiology I​3
BSC 2085L*Anatomy and Physiology I Lab​1
Math Course (Choose One)Liberal Arts Math I (MGF 1106) or College Algebra (MAC 1105)
or Statistics (STA 2023)
ENC 1101College Composition​3
Total Term Semester Hours​13


 First Year Term I – Second Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit
BSC 2086*Anatomy and Physiology II​3
BSC 2086L*Anatomy and Physiology II Lab​1
PHT 1200Introduction to Physical Therapy​3
PHT 1200LIntroduction to Physical Therapy Lab​1
PHT 1103*Anatomy for the PTA​2
PHT 1103L*Anatomy for the PTA Lab​1
PHT 1300*Survey of Pathological Deficits​3
PHT 1310*Survey of Musculoskeletal Deficits​2
Total Term Semester Hours​16


 First Year Term II – Third Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit
PHT 1010*Physical Principles for PTA​1
PHT 1211*Disabilities and Therapeutic Procedures I​2
PHT 1211L*Disabilities and Therapeutic Procedures I Lab​2
PHT 2224*Disabilities and Therapeutic Procedures II​4
PHT 2224L*Disabilities and Therapeutic Procedures II Lab​2
PHT 1020*Therapeutic Communication for PTA ​2
PHT 1801L*Clinical Practicum I​2
Total Term Semester Hours​15


Second Year Term I – Fourth Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit
PHT 1350*Basic Pharmacology​1
PHT 2810L*Clinical Practicum II​5
PHT 2162*Survey of Neurological Deficits​3
PHT 2120*Applied Kinesiology​3
PHT 2120L*Applied Kinesiology Lab​1
PSY 2012General Psychology​3
Total Term Semester Hours  ​16


Second Year Term II – Fifth Semester

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit
PHT 2704 *Rehabilitative Procedures ​3
PHT 2704L*Rehabilitative Procedures Lab​1
PHT 2820L*Clinical Practicum III​5
PHT 2931*Transition Seminar​2
ElectiveHumanities ​3
Total Term Semester Hours​14
Total Program Semester Hours​74


*Requires a pre- or co-requisite. See course description in Broward or Florida SouthWestern catalog or online.
Upon successful completion of PHT 1200 and PHT 1200L, students will have met the Health Careers Core objectives.



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