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You must first be admitted to Broward College in order to be a part of the Radiography program. Anyone interested in radiography is encouraged to apply. 
Applicants must complete (or transfer in) all Admission Selection Criteria Courses with at least a "C" grade and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 among those courses.
How to Apply
To be admitted into the program you must: 
  • Apply to Broward College if you’re not already a student        
  • Submit official transcripts from high schools, colleges and universities
  • Apply directly to the program by clicking on APPLY NOW on, then click CREDIT APPLICATION, you will come to a screen that has two options. On the top part of the screen its for new students, underneath in dark blue it says READMISSION OR INFORMATION UPDATE PROCESS for current Broward College students. You will log in with your ID and PIN number to apply to radiography.
Students must meet with an advisor to complete any placement tests and evaluate transcripts. See the Health Science Admissions page for more information.
Applications are accepted from end of March to beginning of May. The program starts once per year in August. See the Health Science Program Prerequisites sheet located on the Health Science Admissions web page for the exact dates to apply, as they change somewhat each year.​
Approximately 40.
Admittance to the program is highly competitive. Students should apply to the program as early as possible in January. Please check the Health Science Admissions web page.
 A point system based on degree-required general education courses is utilized to rank applicants.  Acceptance depends on where the student falls in the point ranking system with the top ranking students being accepted. Specifics regarding applying to the program are available on the Health Sciences Admissions page. The points system can be found on the Health Sciences Program Page
Application status can be tracked on the myBC area of the college website. Simply log on with your student ID and password. Select “Limited Access Application Status.”
Students selected for the program will be notified by the Admissions Department via their BC e-mail account during the month of April. If you are selected, you will be required to respond to that e-mail to accept or decline your place in the program. If you are selected and accept the admission, you may defer entry into the program until the following year by request. However, you must enter the program the following August. If you do not enter the following year, you will have to reapply for admission. 
Failure to contact Admissions will result in a lost seat in the program and you may have to reapply for the following year.
There is no waiting list to get into the Radiography Program, nor is there tracking of students who did not gain admission. If you are not admitted, you must reapply for the following year.
Follow the instructions contained within the acceptance e-mail sent to you by the Admissions Department. You will be required to attend an on-campus pre-admissions session and meet with the Program Manager before starting the program. You will also need to undergo criminal background checks, fingerprinting, drug screening and a physical examination.
See the Health Science Program & Policies section of the College Catalog for detailed explanations.
The estimated total cost of the Radiography Program for Florida residents including tuition, special course fees, books, uniforms, and other fees (e.g., insurance, background checks, drug screening, health physical) is $10,000.*
Uniforms are required for clinical courses. These can be purchased in the BC Bookstore.
Scholarships may be available through Memorial Healthcare System or Broward Health.
For more information, go to Broward College’s Financial Aid page.

* The cost listed above is a current estimate and is subject to change without notice. Costs for non-residents will be higher.


​The Radiography Program is 22 months in duration. However, prerequisite and general education courses typically take a year or more to complete before starting the program.