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FAQs - Respiratory Care

What is the cost of the program?

Respiratory Care Program Costs

The total program cost for Florida residents is $11,053.74 and is detailed on the following chart. 

For more information regarding Tuition Payment Plan.

​Application to College
​$     35.00
​$      35.00
​Application to Program
​$     20.00
​$      20.00
​Required Certificates(BLS, ACLS )
​$   321.29
​$    321.29
​Tuition fee per credit hour
​$    117.90
​$    373.00
​Tuition for RET courses only – 54 credits
​$ 6,366.60
​$ 20,142.00
​Total Tuition for the program – 76 credits
​$ 8,960.40
​$ 28,348.00
​Total Program Fees
​$ 9,336.98 
​$ 28,724.29
Miscellaneous Fees*
​Health Science Accident Insurance
​$    39.80
​$     39.80
​Liability Insurance
​$    48.00
​$     48.00
​Texts for core courses/
​$  500.00
​$   500.00
​Drug Screening - First and Second Year
​$    75.00
​$     58.00
​Background Check - First and Second Year $  125.00
$   140.00
​Lab and Clinical Fees
$  380.96​
​$   380.96
​Student Membership in AARC
​$    50.00
​$     50.00
​Physical Examination with Vaccines (approx.)
​$  250.00
​$   250.00
​Uniforms – clinical and lab (scrubs, lab coat, shoes, stethoscope) $   175.00
​$   175.00
​Kettering Review Registration ​$   275.00
​$   275.00

​Miscellaneous (graduation cap and gown)
​$    25.00
​$     25.00
​Total program fees
​$ 1,441.05
Overall Cost of the Program
​$ 11,053.74
​$ 30,440.34
​After graduation: National Exam and Licensure Fees
​$    565.00
​$      565.00

Who are the ideal candidates for the program?
The respiratory therapy program is an intense two year course of study. Students that go on to successfully complete the Broward College Respiratory Care Program include the following:
  • Pre-Med students or Pre-Professional students who have already completed many of the general education science courses
  • Applicants who have a previous bachelor's degree in biology or the sciences
  • Applicants who have a 2.75 or higher GPA in first time attempts in all of the prerequisite courses ​
How many seats are offered?
Each August there are 30 seats available for the freshman class.
Is there a waiting list?
There is no waiting list for entry into the Respiratory Care program. Students that are not selected must reapply during the next application period.
Are there any prerequisites to the program?

Prerequisite Courses 

  • ENC 1101 Composition I (3 credit hours)
  • BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology I (3 credit hours)
  • BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab (1 credit hour)
  • CHM 1032 Chemistry for Health Sciences (3 credit hours)
  • MAC1105 or MGF1106  General Education Math (3 credit hours)
  • RET 1024 Introduction to Respiratory Care (1 credit hour)

Total Term Semester Hours: 14

Along with the prerequisite courses listed above, there are three  Continuing Education courses that must be completed prior to the start of the program in August: 
  • CPR /BLS (American Heart Association) 8 clock hours
When does the program start?
Once a year in August.
Where and when are classes held ?

The program is offered in Building 41 on North Campus.

Are there any other requirements to obtain work?
Yes.  After graduating from the program, you must pass the national exams and then apply to the state of Florida for a license.
Is financial aid available?
Yes, Broward College offers scholarships, grants and loans. See the Financial Aid section of this website for more information, or visit a Student Financial Services office near you. 
How long is the program?

Two years.

Are there part-time classes?
There are not part-time classes.
What type of degree will I receive upon graduation?
Associate of Science Degree
Are there college credits for Respiratory Therapy
Yes, there are a total of 76 college credits required to complete the respiratory care program.
What is the dress code?
Hospital clinical rotations require scrubs.  The scrubs are not required until the clinical rotations begin which is in the second semester of the program.  Do not purchase scrubs or a stethoscope before speaking with the clinical instructor.

The classroom dress code requires proper casual business attire.  ​ 

Is there help with learning the material?
Instructors are available each week in review sessions and for office appointments with students.  In addition, tutoring sessions are scheduled weekly with 2nd year students.​

If I must leave the program, will I be able to return?
You must return within one year.  Otherwise, you must start over as a new student.
Is there job placement available?
The college will assist in your job search through the Career Center, but cannot guarantee employment.  There are many employers who contact the program manager and advertise locally about employment opportunities.
Are there any professional associations for Respiratory Therapy?
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