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transcript faq

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Alternate Answer

When a student enrolls in classes, their transcripts are identified for evaluation processing. If the student submitted transcripts but did not enroll in classes, evaluation of the transcript will be delayed until the student erolls in credit classes.

NOTE: Students must be enrolled in classes and paid in the current term to trigger Official Transcript Evaluation processing.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor if you attended another post secondary instition, submitted the transcript, enrolled in classes, and the evaluation is not processed up to 4 weeks following the start of the term. Enrolled transfer students post secondary transcript(s) are evaluated on a first come, first served basis.

Students that submit official and complete transcripts prior to the start of your their first term of enrollment should check their myBC portal or Broward College student email for a follow up communication from the Evaluation team or their academic advisor.

Students can review unofficial transcript through their myBC portal for evaluated coursework. The transcript log is also accessible to review when Broward College received their final and complete transcripts. Transcript Evaluation processing usually takes up to 4 weeks following the student’s enrollment in classes. The following may cause delays in Official Transcript Evaluation processing:

  • Student declared an AA program objective and already earned an AA or higher degee;
  • Transcripts received are not complete and have courses in progress
  • The post-secondary institution and/or course(s) require research

Students should speak with their Academic Advisor about transferability of courses.