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This page provides information on the financial aid application process. (See Steps 1 to 6 below for detailed information.) At Broward College, students must be admitted to an eligible degree or certificate program of study in order to be offered financial aid. To maintain eligibility students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. It should also be noted that one's enrollment can affect their aid amount, and that only classes that are recognized as being truly required for degree completion will be used to calculate eligibility for Title IV funds.    
Students can apply for financial aid before applying for admission to BC. At Broward College, we offer a combination of programs including grants, scholarshipswork-study, and loans. Based on eligibility, students may qualify for funding from one or more of these programs. 
*If the information you put on your FAFSA does not accurately reflect your current circumstances you may want to review the "Special Circumstances" tab on our 'Forms' page once you have already completed and submitted the application. Please note that not all special  circumstances justify a review of your eligibility, and any request for a review must be accompanied by proper documentation etc. Reviews are done on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed.
The deadline to apply for Summer is June 30, 2016. Even if you are eligible and attending we will not be able to offer you aid unless you get your FAFSA in prior to the deadline date. Apply now!  
 *Starting July 1, 2015, the omnibus funding bill reinstates an Ability To Benefit retroactive to July 1, 2014 allowing students enrolled in certain programs without a high school diploma or GED access to aid. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.
Review Steps 1-6 below. Each drop down contains valuable information on how to complete Broward College's Financial Aid Application Process.
Step 1 Complete the FAFSA
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be filed beginning January 1st of each year at (You must renew your FAFSA once per academic year.) Submit your FAFSA early to maximize the amount of aid you can receive. Eligible students who apply early have a greater chance of receiving need-based aid. We encourage all students to submit a FAFSA even if they think they will not be eligible. Just because you are not eligible for a Pell grant does not mean that you are not eligible for Financial Aid in general e.g. scholarships and/or loans.



  1. File your taxes as early as possible so that you can utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when completing the FAFSA. This will greatly expedite the processing of your financial aid and minimize the chance of your being selected for verification. (The verification process requires that you submit copies of your tax documents etc. directly to your chosen college/university so that they can verify that the income information and household size reported on your FAFSA is correct.)
  2. Broward College's school code for the FAFSA is 001500. This code is tied to the Downtown Fort Lauderdale location as this is where your FAFSA will be processed; however, using this code does not affect your ability to attend your preferred campus.   
  3. If you had already filed a FAFSA for a previous academic year you should select the “renewal” option as this will pre-fill some of your new FAFSA application information for you. That said, you should be able to complete the application that much faster.
  4. If you need assistance completing your FAFSA visit one of our Financial Aid offices. We will be able to guide you through the process and help you to get it done as quickly and as accurately as possible.     
Step 2 Review Your Student Aid Report (SAR)
After filing your FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the U.S. Department of Education summarizing all the information you provided in the online application. Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) will be included in the SAR.  In determining your eligibility, the College calculates your estimated Cost of Attendance (COA​). Your EFC is subtracted from your COA to determine your eligibility for need based aid. Please review your SAR for accuracy and make any necessary corrections online at . Contact the U.S. Department of Education if you do not receive your SAR or have questions regarding your SAR.
Step 3 Clear Red Flags

Before aid can be processed, students must fulfill any outstanding requirements. These are displayed as red flags on MyBC and should be resolved as soon as possible. Red flags indicate that you need to submit the requested documents to Broward College Financial Aid office and/or make corrections to your FAFSA.

Log into MyBC and check your Financial Aid 'Application Status' page to confirm your red flags and how to resolve them. (The 'Document Details' button will provide an explanation of what you are required to do in each case.) Your financial aid cannot be processed until your red flags are cleared.

Some red flags may relate specifically to verification of income and household size, etc. These require that we compare FAFSA information to the submitted (red-flagged) documents, most typically an Income Verification Worksheet and copies of IRS Tax Return Transcripts for the applicable tax year. If during the verification process it is determined that inaccurate information was in fact provided to the federal government, corrections may be necessary. For more information on verification, view the related video on this page or see more information on verification.

Step 4 Monitor Your Application Status
Once you have submitted all requested documents and/or made all necessary FAFSA corrections, the red flags should no longer appear on the web. Log into MyBC and check your Financial Aid 'Application Status' page to confirm; you should get the following message: Required Documents (0)
The College should now be able to process you for financial aid. Once processed, you should be able to see your awards on your MyBC financial aid account under the 'Awards' page. Please note that awards may not be posted until you have registered. Also, awards may be adjusted based on changes in your enrollment.
*If you are not eligible for federal need-based aid, for example the Pell grant and Direct Subsidized Loans, you may want to look into applying for scholarships or reviewing information regarding a Direct Unsubsidized Loan. 
Step 5 Register for Classes
Register for classes. Student aid is based on hours of enrollment (example:  1 to 5 credits (less than half time), 6 to 8 credits (half time), 9 to 11 credits (three-quarter time) or 12 credits or more (full-time). You should only enroll in classes necessary to complete your degree and should also only enroll in the number of credits that you can realistically successfully complete for the term. If you are uncertain about your desired major or classes you should see a Broward College Career Counselor and your academic advisor, respectively. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in a loss of eligibility.    
Important Note:  Financial Aid is awarded each semester based on your enrollment status and is adjusted based on changes you make to your schedule before and after the term begins. You should always try to finalize your schedule before enrolling. Once you are certain about the classes you want to take you should enroll in all classes and sessions that you plan to attend, even the ones that start later in the term e.g. session 3 or 4.      
Example: If you are awarded for 12 credits, then reduce your enrollment to 6 credits, your aid award changes.
PELL Grant calculator can be used to determine your award based on your enrollment.
Step 6 Confirm Awards on MyBC
Tuition, Books and Supplies Charges
Confirm that your tuition amount for the term is fully covered by your award amount for the term by logging into your MyBC 'Awards' page. If there is a balance, it will need to be covered out of pocket (or by some other funding source) by your due date for payment. If your term award amount exceeds your term tuition costs, you will have access to that left over amount in the bookstore. You must present your student ID when purchasing books.

You have a limited time frame within which you can purchase books on financial aid, so you should try to finalize your bookstore purchases, even for future sessions within the term, as soon as possible. Review bookstore locations and dates for utilizing financial aid, etc. 

*If you still have remaining funds after having purchased your books and supplies, you may be eligible for a refund.

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