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​Go on an exciting, educational journey to Italy during Spring Break of 2018! Students will travel to Rome and Florence and experience, first-hand, Italian culture, cuisine, and historical landmarks. They will also visit schools and educational organizations and have the unique opportunity to compare and contrast U.S. and Italian educational systems and gain an international perspective.

Housing: 3-star, double occupancy hotels centrally located in the heart of Rome and Florence


​Students may enroll in one (1) or all courses offered for a total of 3-6 credits*:

  • EDF 1005: Introduction to The Teaching Profession - With 15 hours of Fieldwork. (3 Credits)

  • EDF 2085: Introduction to Diversity & Exceptionalities for Education - With 15 hours of Fieldwork.(3 Credits)
  • EME 2040: Introduction to Technology in Education (3 Credits)
  • EDP 4004: Principles of Education Psychology (3 credits)

*Students should be mindful of the minimum credit hours needed in order to be considered a full/part time student.


​This program is designed for education related majors. However, non-education majors can participate.  In order to participate, students must be at least 18 years of age with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher.​​

Please note that Broward College degree-seeking students will be given priority for application and admission into this program.


Hurry, only 3 spots left!

Program Fee: $3,000 - $3,500

Payment Deadlines:
Application & Deposit ($450.00) Due: December 13- Deadline Extended !!
Passport & Physician’s Statement Due: December 13, 2017
Payment 1- $850.00 Due: December 13t, 2017
Payment 2 - $850.00 Due: January 24t, 2018
Final Payment - $850.00 Due: February 14, 2018

*Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.*

COSTS INCLUDED: Airfare, double or triple accommodations, breakfasts and two dinner, scheduled group activities and school visits, International Health Insurance, ground transportation, tipping 

COSTS NOT INCLUDED: 8 lunches, 6 dinners, independent site-seeing, BC Tuition & fees, books & supplies, passport, visa (if required), immunizations (If required), additional baggage fees and personal expenses. Approx.. $2,000.

BC degree-seeking students who are looking to defray the program cost should check out the Faculty-Led Travel Grants and the study abroad funding page regarding grants and scholarship opportunities which may be available to them!


Travel dates: March 1 -10, 2018

Application & Deposit ($450.00) Due: December 13, 2017- Extended!!
Passport & Physician’s Statement Due: December 13, 2017
Payment 1- $850.00 Due: December 13t, 2017
Payment 2 - $850.00 Due: January 24t, 2018
Final Payment - $850.00 Due: February 14, 2018

*Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.*


​In order to apply, students must contact faculty leader Dr. Isis Silva or Dr. Dominique Charlotteaux via email and participate in short interview prior to submitting any application paperwork.  Once approved to move ahead with the application, the student will submit the following to the faculty leader:

Program deposit and payments (Speak to faculty leader for instructions if making payments at the BC Cashier)

As part of the application and acceptance process, students must read the student handbook.


​A passport is an official government document which validates a traveler’s identity and country of citizenship.  Students, regardless of nationality, who are interested in studying abroad MUST have a passport valid for at least 6 months after their return date in order to do so.  For U.S. citizens, information on applying for a passport is available on the U.S. Department of State website.

A visa, different from a passport, is a government document placed in the individual's passport which authorizes them to request entry into the host country for a limited duration of time for business, pleasure, study, or other.

U.S Citizens are not required to obtain a visa and will be allowed to enter into Italy or any other Schengen Zone country under a tourist visa for a period of 90-days. However, non-U.S. citizens should contact the Study Abroad Office for more information

F-1 international students attending Broward College who are interested in participating in a study abroad program should first speak with a Designated School Official (DSO) through the International Admissions Office to discuss their immigration status and any special circumstances they may need to consider prior to applying for the program.


​The following faculty leaders will be teaching the program's courses and traveling with students. For more information regarding the program, please contact:

Dr. Dominique Charlotteaux
Education Pathway
South Campus - 69/122
(954) 201-8230

Dr. Isis Silva
Education Pathway
South Campus- 69/209
(954) 201-8893


Health Considerations

Vaccinations: ​There are no required vaccinations required to travel to Italy unless recommended by the student’s physician or specific health conditions of a participant. For country-specific health and immunization information visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official Website.

Other Health Considerations: Disease carrying insects (such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas) are present in Sri Lanka; students should prepare accordingly to prevent bug bites by brining protective clothing and appropriate insect repellent. Tap water is not potable in Sri Lanka, travelers should drink sealed-bottle water and only consume ice and foods prepared/washed with potable water. For more health and safety information including more tips, a suggested packing list and the latest travel notifications, please visit the CDC Website.

Physical Activity: Due to the specific characteristics of this program (community service) and the location, students will be doing moderate manual work such as wall painting and gardening. Moderate to intense walking will be required.

Students are responsible for carrying their own bags to/from transportation vehicles and when changing accommodations.

Possible extreme weather conditions: Sri Lanka has a tropical weather temperature year-round in most of its territory. There are chances of heavy rains since travel time is between Monsoon seasons. Students should bring water proof jackets and walking shoes.

Safety and Travel Considerations

U.S.-Italy Relations: The United States and Italy enjoy warm and friendly relations. Italy is a steadfast and active transatlantic partner, and the U.S. and Italy have sought to foster democratic ideals and international cooperation, especially in areas of strife and civil conflict. Italy has also worked closely with the United States and others in combating drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorism.

Country-specific Safety and Travel Information: The Department of State’s Consular Information Sheets are available for every country of the world. They describe unusual entry, currency regulations, or unusual health conditions, the crime and security situation, political disturbances, areas of instability, special information about driving and road conditions, and drug penalties. In general, the sheets do not give advice. Instead, they describe conditions so travelers can make informed decisions about their trips. Please review Italy's Consular Information Sheet for country-specific information.

For more information about health, safety, emergency preparation and travel considerations please review the Faculty-led Study Abroad Student Handbook.


​The Faculty-Led Program Student Handbook provides the student information covering a wide variety of topics which pertain to the policies and procedures regarding study abroad.  Students should check back frequently for any updates or changes to the handbook.