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Section 7: Facilities

Emergency Policy 6Hx2-7.01.pdf A6Hx2-7.01.pdf
​Procurement Requirements​6Hx2-7.02
​Renumbered 6Hx2-6.34 7/28/04
Physical Plant, Sites, and Facilities​
Property Control​ 6Hx2-7.04.pdf
Use of College Property​ 6Hx2-7.05.pdf
​College Telecommunication Services​6Hx2-7.06
​Renumbered 6Hx2-8.06   5/1/08
Use of College Vehicles​
6Hx2-7.07.pdf A6Hx2-7.07.pdf
Energy Conservation Program​ 6Hx2-7.08.pdfA6Hx2-7.08.pdf
Acquisition of Professional Services Covered by the Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act​ 6Hx2-7.09.pdf A6Hx2-7.09.pdf
Changes in Construction After Award of Contract​ 6Hx2-7.10.pdf A6Hx2-7.10.pdf
Safety, Sanitation, and Fire Inspection of Property​ 6Hx2-7.11.pdf A6Hx2-7.11.pdf
Construction of Facilities​ 6Hx2-7.12.pdf
Traffic Rules and Regulations on Campus and Center Sites​ 6Hx2-7.13.pdf A6Hx2-7.13.pdf
-Removal of Vehicles
Regulation of Smoking in Facilities​ 6Hx2-7.14.pdf A6Hx2-7.14.pdf
Compliance with the Florida Building Code​ 6Hx2-7.15.pdf
​Minority/Women Business Enterprise Program​6Hx2-7.16
​Repealed 5/28/13
Sustainable Landscape Policy and Use of Native Materials​ 6Hx2-7.17.pdf A6Hx2-7.17.pdf
Sustainability in Building Construction​ 6Hx2-7.18.pdf
Recycling Policy​ 6Hx2-7.19.pdf
Access Control and Video Surveillance6Hx2-7.20.pdf
Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Environment ​6Hx2-7.21.pdf

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