About Our In-kind Donation

Another means that Broward College can help nonprofits/community organizations is through in-kind donations. Broward College will give priority to organizations that align with our four partnership priorities; however, we will base the decision on the type of opportunity being requested.

At least eight weeks of lead-time is required.

Examples of in-kind donations include:

Please include the facility request form along with your application.

When the College is able to underwrite an in-kind space request, the space rental will be provided free of charge; however, any direct cost associated with the event would be charged to the requesting organization if the event occurs out of standard hours of operations or during the weekend.

Some examples of direct cost are:

The College will provide you a quote so you may have an idea as to the amount your organization may incur.

Once your organization is approved, your organization will need to submit a certificate of insurance a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event.