Broward UP ™ Commission Teams

Community Engagement: Partner with community agencies and cities to elicit community needs, promote programs and services, recruit students

Service Learning: Develop service engagement for Broward College students, faculty, and staff in the impact zones

Programs, Skills, & Courses: Identity, plan and deliver the certificate, credit, and non-credit programs and courses based on community and employer demand

Retention: Research, develop and implement successful strategies for adult learnersCollege Readiness Seminars

Social Support Services: Partner with community agencies, college departments to provide solutions to identified external obstacles

Locations & Branding: Identify locations for Broward services working with partner agencies and community leaders. Build Broward College branding for community penetration

Technology: Identify and mitigate technology challenges, create solutions and necessary training

Financial Services: Build financial support models to leverage available assets including from community partners

Business Development: Develop business relationships to enhance access to quality jobs and for economic growth in the Broward UP Communities

Resource Development: Create funding opportunities to support Broward UP initiatives through donations, grants and philanthropy