Focus on Equity

Broward College will remove barriers to access, learning, and success for students and community members. We define equity through a framework focused on creating various access points and improving learning and success outcomes regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, language, disability, sexual orientation, economic status, and/or religion. We implement this framework by fundamentally realigning institutional practice, policy, and mindset to ensure that all students have the necessary support to realize their education and economic mobility goals.

Our programs and services offer a comprehensive college and community approach to remove the barriers our students and community members experience so that everyone may start and achieve their post-secondary education goals.

Equity in access: We commit to guarantee the opportunity to access post-secondary education by identifying new and expanded ways for students throughout Broward County to benefit from academic programs including those in high wage/high demand fields.

Equity in learning: We promise to empower student development by ensuring that differences in students’ academic preparation levels, disabilities, and cultural backgrounds do not limit development from high-quality instruction and other knowledge-seeking opportunities.

Equity in success: We pledge to create impactful career connections by addressing the barriers toward completion and transfer generally, AND specifically in high wage/high demand fields.

The College addresses equity through multiple approaches:

Internal Universal Equity Strategies

Measures that address equity, which are applied to all students but are known to positively affect high-risk students.

Internal Targeted Equity Strategies

Programs focused on specific subgroups of students. These include First Generation in College (FGIC), minority males, veterans, LGBTQIA+.

External Universal Equity Strategies

Actions or programs implemented in collaboration with external partners to benefit all students.

External Targeted Equity Strategies

Actions or programs implemented in collaboration with external partners to address the specific needs of targeted students.