Focus on Equity

Broward College is invested in equity. Equity is about outcomes, and fundamentally realigning institutional practice, policy, and mindset to ensure that all students succeed.

Our programs and services offer a comprehensive approach to remove the barriers in our community so that everyone has access to and success in higher education.

Equity in access: proportionately enroll students from every racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, age, or gender group, and zip code in Broward County—across programs including those in high wage/high demand fields.

Equity in learning: ensuring that differences in students’ academic preparation levels, abilities, and cultural backgrounds do not limit access to high-quality instruction and learning opportunities.

Equity in success: ensuring that there are no disparities in completion and transfer rates generally, AND specifically program completion rates in high wage/high demand fields.

The College addresses equity through multiple frameworks:

Internal Universal Equity Strategies

Measures that address equity, which are applied to all students but are known to positively affect high-risk students.

Internal Targeted Equity Strategies

Programs focused on specific subgroups of students. These include First Generation in College (FGIC), minority males, veterans, LGBTQIA+.

External Universal Equity Strategies

Actions or programs implemented in collaboration with external partners to benefit all students.

External Targeted Equity Strategies

Actions or programs implemented in collaboration with external partners to address the specific needs of targeted students.



In 2018, Broward College launched Broward UP, an innovative community-centric approach, which expands the College’s business model to increase access across Broward County. Although Broward College is an open access learning institution, there are still many in the community who for various reasons feel they cannot access higher education. Broward UP, the UP stands for Unlimited Potential, addresses the question of how the College can engage communities that need us most and ensure residents know a post-secondary education is attainable, available to everyone and worth the effort, and that they have unlimited potential for success. Through Broward UP, Broward College seeks to actualize every resident’s unlimited potential by building strong community, municipal, and nonprofit partnerships to raise the educational attainment levels and positively impact the social and economic mobility of area residents.

Since its launch two years ago, Broward UP has served more than 2,000 residents seeking to improve their prospects for employment in high-demand industries. They have completed free workforce training through Broward UP, earning in-demand certificates and industry certifications in areas such as Process Improvement, Project Management, Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Health Care, and Information Technology. From an initial partnership with the Urban League, Broward UP programming has gone from being offered at one community location to 19 across Broward County by fall 2020. In response to the global pandemic, Broward UP programming has transitioned to a remote environment to continue serving Broward County residents from the safety of their homes. Additionally, Broward UP case management services have transitioned online to provide success coaching and wrap-around support services to Broward UP Participants. Learn more about how the College is improving access through Broward UP.


Broward College is closing the achievement gap among our students through ongoing investment in teaching practices through a five-year partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). ACUE prepares faculty in evidence-based teaching practices that improve student achievement and close equity gaps. A recent study shows that the first two years of this investment (2017-18 and 2018-19) found that students were more likely to complete and pass their courses when taught by ACUE-credentialed faculty. Notably, more significant outcomes were found for Black and low-income students.

Both sets of analyses found that course completion and passing improved more for students of ACUE-credentialed faculty than students in matched sections.

Review outcomes of the 2020 Broward College ACUE study.