Dr. Renée Law

Renée Law

Dr. Renée Law
Vice President, Strategy, Assessment, and Research

Dr. Renée Law serves as the Vice President, Strategy, Assessment, and Research. She is responsible for leading and directing the College in the areas of strategic and institutional planning and effectiveness, continuous improvement, research, analytics, and assessment. Dr. Law has over 15 years of experience in higher education administration, serving in a variety of roles from Business Development Manager for the Corporate Relations Department, Director of Continuing Education, District Director of Career and Technical Education, Dean of Career and Technical Education & Career Services, and the Associate Vice President, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness. In each of these roles, Dr. Law has demonstrated the ability to collaborate internally as well as externally to establish new programs and partnerships, identify and implement innovative approaches to achieving outcomes, and maintain a keen focus on continually improving the College in service to students and the community.

Prior to serving at Broward College, Dr. Law taught English as a foreign language and held the role of Assistant Director of Academics and Internship Coordinator at an English language school in Miami Beach. This work experience afforded her the opportunity to learn, engage, teach, collaborate, and lead a student and faculty body that represented countries from across the globe.

Dr. Law holds four degrees, a  Bachelor's degree in Spanish from Pennsylvania State University, a Master's in Higher Education, a Master's in Business Administration and a doctorate degree Higher Education Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. As the first in her family to graduate from college, Dr. Law has a deep appreciation for the life changing benefits of higher education. Throughout her career, she has reflected on her experience as a first-generation student and sought to improve how higher education meets the needs of students through continually improving programming and services.

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