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Career Success - First 30 Days

Communicating Collaboratively

Critical Thinking

Design Thinking

Future proof your Career

Personal Finance

Power Skills Bundle - Individual Excellence (Soft Skills)

  • Critical Thinking
  • Career Planning
  • Goal Setting and Creativity
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Becoming and Staying Organized
  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Time, Stress, Risk and Conflict Management
  • Financial Skills


Learn how to market your business with the latest innovative tools. If you're interested in increasing your financial awareness while also gaining a marketable skill, this series of courses is perfect for you. Management training and business skills programs can help you enter a new career field or advance your current skillset.

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Start your career in IT with foundational understanding of the industry. If you’re an advanced professional, prepare for in-demand IT certifications, to advance your career. Whether you want to earn Microsoft certifications, learn QuickBooks, or even Photoshop, these online training programs can help you achieve your goals.

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Executive Leadership provides the expertise and critical competencies you need to further develop yourself and advance your career. These courses cover a variety of leadership and management skills.

Certificate in Finance Essentials
This online certificate program introduces non-financial managers to the essentials of finance. The courses will help you become conversant in critical financial terminology, and you'll learn how to calculate key financial management indicators. You will learn how to assess your organization's financial health by reviewing balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow, and you will discover how finance and accounting tools can be used to support informed decision making within organizations.

Certificate in Leadership
What is leadership and why is it important? How does a leader encourage change without triggering fearful resistance? What are the key elements to leading an effective team? What is the role of charisma in leadership? How can a leader achieve work-life balance? This suite of courses addresses all of these questions and many more. The courses in this suite offer advice on leadership that can help you stand out as a leader among your peers. Video segments introduce successful leaders who discuss such issues as how leaders become leaders, leadership ethics, and the differences between leaders, managers, and administrators.

Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business
This certificate explores both the social and psychological mechanisms that create challenges that professional women often face. Alongside commentary from women leaders, the material also provides concrete and data-driven recommendations for advancing in your career. The courses in the certificate introduce key concepts in leadership, management, communication, work-life balance, networking, negotiation, and body language.

Future-Proofing Your Career
Today's job market is more competitive than ever, and workers must not only think about how to land jobs but also how to keep their jobs and continue progressing in their careers. All professionals--whether just entering their fields or currently holding leadership roles--can benefit from skill development and reinforcement.

HR Ethics Certificate
Human resources professionals are charged with supporting the success of their organizations in ways that are ethical and socially responsible. Ethical organizations must consider questions about what is right and fair in all decision-making processes. Because HR professionals are involved in designing and enforcing policies that impact the people who work in an organization, they play an especially powerful role in shaping the ethical culture.

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Exams are all around us, from the SATs in high school to the GMAT exam for grad school. Everyone needs a little help with exam prep at some point in their life, and when it’s your turn to step up to the plate—or the desk—we can make sure you’re prepared.

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Please note: Check with your regulatory organization to determine specific industry requirements. Non-credit online courses will not appear on a Broward College transcript. Any certificate awarded is your proof of course completion.

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