Eligibility Requirements

Initial Eligibility

Placement test English Reading Math
SAT 25+ (Writing and Language) 24+ (Reading)

24 - 26.4 (MAT1105C)

26.5+ (MAC1105)

ACT 17+ (English) 19+ (Reading)

19-20 (MAT1105C)

21+ (MAC1105)


103+ (Writing) and

106+ (Reading)

106+ (Reading)

114-122 (MAT1105C)

123+ (MAC1105)

Visit for PERT study guide questions and testing center locations and times.

Continued Eligibility

It is the responsibility of the school counselor to select courses from the approved course list that fulfill high school graduation requirements. For advising assistance you may refer to the Dual Enrollment Frequently Taken Courses chart or the Programs of Study on BC’s website.

Approved Course List

Broward College is excited to offer secondary school students the opportunity to be a part of our dual enrollment program!  Students are now able to apply and register for approved courses online.  The checklists provided will guide you through the dual enrollment registration process.  Please contact your school counselor at your school should you have any questions!


Public/Charter School Student Checklist

Private School Student Checklist

Home School Student Checklist

Public and Charter School Students

UPDATE: Ordering textbooks online will no longer be an option for public school students. 

Public and charter school students should bring a copy of their "Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form" and a copy of their BC schedule to the bookstore to obtain their textbooks.

Students who are taking courses at their high school site can obtain their textbooks from their high school directly.

Public and charter school students are no longer required to pay for their textbooks during the summer term.

Home School Students

UPDATE: Home school students are no longer required to pay for their textbooks during the fall, spring or summer terms beginning fall term 2018. 

Home School DE students should bring a copy of their "Recommendation and Articulation Agreement for Dual Enrollment Home School Students" form and a copy of their BC schedule to the bookstore to obtain their textbooks.

Private School Students

Private school students are required to pay for their own textbooks for the fall, spring and summer terms. Private school students can order their textbooks online or bring a copy of their BC schedule to the bookstore and obtain assistance.

ALL Students

Students should obtain your textbooks from the bookstore location where they are taking their courses. Students may be required to obtain your textbooks from multiple bookstore locations if they are taking courses at different campuses. 

Bookstore Hours and Locations

For bookstore locations and hours of operation, please visit the Broward College Bookstore website.

Students who are interested in enrolling in honors courses while enrolled as a dual enrollment or early admission student will need to meet the honors admissions criteria and fill out an honors application.  Please visit the honors site for the most updated honors admissions information.

Please visit the Accessibility Resources website at Broward College to learn how to obtain services for a disability.



Home school high school education students may print the “Recommendation and Articulation Agreement for Dual Enrollment Home School Students” form and send it to the Broward County Public School Home Education Office for signature.  A new form signed by a Broward County District Home Education Office Official is required each term to register for courses.

Home School Education Manual

 Recommendation and Articulation Agreement