Teacher Quality Partnership Grant

In 2018, the Teacher Education Program at Broward College became the recipient of the prestigious Teacher Quality Partnership grant from the United States Department of Education. This five year grant provides TEP with $2.5 million in funding to assist in increasing the amount of quality, well-trained teachers within our Broward County Public School system. The grant focuses on producing teachers in the specified areas of Math, Science and Exceptional Student Education. This grant also serves the purpose of engaging and encouraging an interest in STEM education in middle and high school BCPS students.

"At Broward College, we have recognized the need and potential to combat this shortage in our local education system," said Dr. Marielena DeSanctis, provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs and Student Services. "As a former math and science teacher in Broward County, the receipt of this grant is particularly meaningful to me. The targeted training and mentorship components of this grant will not only serve to increase the numbers of STEM and ESE teachers but more importantly, serve to support new teachers in these critical areas to achieve student learning gains in this field. We are honored to receive this grant, which provides an opportunity to establish a new pathway to success for our students and the students of BCPS.

Meet the Team

team.jpgPatricia Alphonse | Project Director
Patricia Alphonse has several years of grant experience as both a previous grant coordinator and director for Broward College. She has worked with the college for over ten years.

Julie Toscano | TQP Coordinator
Julie Toscano is a Florida native who has proudly served the public education sector for over 20 years. Her experience as a K-8 teacher, literacy coach, instructional coach, and grant coordinator make her a valuable asset to the TQP Grant at Broward College.

Courtney Rolle | TQP Recruiter
Courtney Rolle has served both in public and charter institutions for six years prior to joining the grant team. She comes from a family that includes several educators, and uses those experiences and accumulated knowledge in order to assist in achieving the goals of the TQP Grant.

Juanita Lankford | TQP Recruiter
Juanita Lankford brings seven years of teaching experience to the TQP Grant team. She has taught in both charter and public school, as well as early childhood/preschool. She enjoys collaborating with other teachers in sharing tactical practices that can help them and their students in the classroom setting.


​Julie Toscano |  jtoscano@broward.edu
Courtney Rolle |  crolle2@broward.edu
Juanita Lankford | jlankfor@broward.edu
Patricia Alphonse | palphons@broward.edu