Curriculum Information

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – N100 (RN-BSN Program)

Career Pathway: Health Sciences

Location(s): General education courses are available and offered at all BC locations. Program-specific courses are available online. 

Program Entrance Requirements: There are specific criteria for admission to the RN-BSN Program. 

*All applicants possess an Associate Degree or higher from an accredited institution recognized by Broward College. 
* All applicants have a Florida nursing license which is active and unencumbered.
* Possess a 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average

Eligible applicants must:

Program Description: 

Mission and Philosophy

RN-BSN Program Mission Statement

The Broward College RN-BSN Program is a premier affordable academic unit that will advance the profession of nursing through the innovative contributions of faculty, staff, students, and graduates to the enhancement of local, national, and global health.

RN-BSN Program Vision Statement

Reflective of the mission of Broward College and of the Health Science Pathway, the RN-BSN Program’s mission is “to prepare a professional and competent nurse who practices in a dynamic health care environment across communities, populations, and life spans, and provides leadership to promote and improve global health, and is committed to the advancement of nursing knowledge and practice, celebrates diversity and aspires to lifelong learning.

Conceptual Model: ​Underlying the RN-BSN Curriculum

The design of the RN-BSN curriculum is based on a model which depicts the faculty’s beliefs as framed by the major meta-paradigm concepts of Human being/person/client (diverse populations), health (health and safety), environment (internal external including policies) and nurse /nursing (Generalist nurse, nursing practice, and patient advocacy as they relate to the practice in a global healthcare and educational environments. (See Conceptual Model Underlying the RN-BSN Curriculum)

Student Learning Outcomes

Reflective of the AACN Elements of Baccalaureate Education, (The Elements of Baccalaureate Education, AACN, 2008), each nursing course in the RN-BSN Program is aimed at enabling the student to: