Assistive Software

Broward College offers the following assistive software.

Guides, videos, and resources to help you get the most from Read&Write for Education. Resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

Read&Write for Education Website

Otter provides faculty and students with real-time captions and notes for in-person and virtual lectures, classes, or meetings. Otter records audio and automatically takes notes in real-time so that you can focus on the discussion.

Otter.Ai Website

Guides, videos, and resources to help you get the most from Equatio. Resources for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

Equatio Website

JAWS, Job Access with Speech, is the world's most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides speech and braille output for the most popular desktop applications.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is a fully integrated magnification and reading program for low-vision users. Magnifier/Reader enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, echoes your typing and essential program activity, and automatically reads documents, web pages, emails, etc.

Fusion provides the best of both worlds - ZoomText, with its screen magnification and visual enhancements for screen viewing ease, coupled with the power and speed of JAWS for screen reading functionality.

By taking away the mechanical aspects of typing, Dragon provides a more efficient way to control a computer that is less physically and cognitively taxing for those with impairments that may make typing painful or impossible. Dragon turns talk into text, transcribing up to 160 words a minute. Just speak and the words appear on the computer screen, instantly.

Assistive Technology Available for Loan

For eligible students, Broward College offers the following assistive equipment for loan.

Your Livescribe smartpen synchronizes the audio you hear to what you write, so you never miss a word. Just tap on your notes and the smartpen plays back what you recorded from that exact moment in time.

Assistive Hardware

The college offers the following assistive equipment which are available for use in the assistive technology labs on Central, North, and South campus.

A video magnifier is an electronic magnifier that uses a camera and a screen to make text easier to read. The camera image will be magnified, and the contrast can be increased, making it even easier to read.

Digital Accessibility

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Electronic Information Technology (EIT)

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Course Accessibility

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Create Accessible IT

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