Enrollment for the 2022-2023 academic year is from January 5 - March 30, 2022

The Seahawk NEST (Navigating Education for Student Transition) Academy is a three-year inclusive post-secondary program designed to prepare students with intellectual disabilities for employment. The Seahawk NEST Academy is part of the Florida Post-Secondary Transition Program.

Students in the Seahawk NEST Academy are empowered to become independent in self-advocacy and life skills. Upon completion of the program student will earn the Broward College Certificate of Professional Services.

Program Overview


Independent Living and Self-Advocacy

In year one, Seahawk NEST students will enroll in Broward College foundation courses which focus on critical domains of adult living, such as daily living skills, self- determination, interpersonal skills and employment skills.

Program Certification

Upon the completion of the three-year Seahawk NEST Academy, students will receive a Broward College Certificate of Professional Services. Seahawk NEST students will earn micro-credentials established by Florida Ready To Work, to address important soft skills that are necessary for job success.


In year three, Seahawk NEST students receive on the job training, soft skills training and resume building, to be prepared to find sustainable and meaningful employment.

Skill attainment

Students will develop an individualized career plan to include academic, employment and occupational goals. Based on career goals, students will complete program courses in their designated Pathway program.

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  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design Support


  • Office Management/Office Support
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management/ Guest Services Specialist


  • Early Childhood Education



  • Engineering Technology /Electronic aid/Machinist


  • Computer Information Technology / Information Technology Specialist


Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors will attend class, study with, and partake in social activities with the Seahawk NEST Students.

Student Success Coach

The success coach will work with students to develop individualized student career plans, identify career goals and develop strategies to meet those goals.

Broward College Faculty and Staff

Broward College faculty and staff are committed to ensuring the students in the Seahawk NEST Academy have the tools necessary to gain meaningful employment.

Seahawk NEST Students

Students will create their own support network, by engaging in social and extracurricular activities on campus and attending classes with other BC students.

Steps to Apply for the Seahawk NEST Academy


Please ensure you are enrolled at Broward College before you complete the NEST application. When completing the Broward College application, choose Seahawk NEST Academy, Do Not choose a specific pathway.

Apply to Broward College

As a potential Seahawk NEST student, we want to get to know you and your needs to the fullest. Please have each person listed below Complete the Adaptive Skills Surveys.

  1. You - the applicant!
  2. Guardian or someone who lives with you
  3. Teacher or someone who supervised you for a volunteer/work experience

Your application is considered incomplete until all required documentation is received. Required documentation to be mailed to:  

Broward College North Campus
BLDG 46 Room 209
1000 Coconut Creek Blvd
Coconut Creek, Florida 33066


Documentation to verify eligibility: Three pieces of documentation are required to verify a potential student’s eligibility for the program.

  1. Documentation of an Intellectual disability
    1. The most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) listed diagnosis on IEP
    2. Most recent psychological, educational, and/or employment evaluation. May be obtained from cumulative file from school evaluation report. Or may work with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and can access an employment evaluation from the case manager.
  2. Documentation to verify graduation:
    1. A student may have a standard diploma with access points, or GED
    2. Must provide a copy of the transcript to indicate they have completed high school.
  3. Recommendation letters: You will need to ask two different individuals to write a letter of recommendation to the NEST Academy for you. You may pick personal references, employers, teachers, or other people who know you and know what type of individual you are.

Once you have completed the above steps, your application will be reviewed and a student success coach from the Seahawk NEST Academy will be in contact with you if you qualify for the next steps.

Please contact us with any questions, if you need assistance or accommodations in completing the application process.


Jennette Kilroy, Project Coordinator, Seahawk NEST


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