You Earned It, Now Get Free Credit for It!

Whether you are new to Broward College or a current student, your previous certifications or licensures may transfer as course credit. Learn which certifications align with a Broward College's degree or technical certificate program and how you can have these transferable as course credits.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be admitted to Broward College as a Degree or Technical certificate-seeking student.
  • Hold an approved Industry Certifications and Licensures
  • Have your Educational Plan:
    • First Term students contact your Student Success Coach
    • Continuing Students contact your Academic Advisor

Approved Industry Certifications and Licensures

Find out which certifications are eligible for Broward College course credits.

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Your Experience Counts

Submit a request to start the evaluation process of your approved industry certification.


Yes. Although you may submit a request for evaluation, we cannot validate your eligibility until you have been admitted into a degree or technical certificate program.


Credit for Prior Learning credits appears on student transcripts as "CR." Letter grades are not awarded for Prior Learning. Credits earned through Credit for Prior Learning satisfy graduation requirements but may not be accepted as transfer credits at another institution. Students planning to transfer to other institutions should contact the college or university to determine if Prior Learning credits are accepted.