Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment is not available during Summer term.


The Prior Learning Assessment Program, developed primarily for working adults, is designed to recognize the academic value of what students have learned through experiences outside the college classroom. Credit for prior learning may result from work experience, employment related training programs and seminars, volunteer work, travel, military service or intensive self-directed study. If students have gained BC course equivalent knowledge, competencies, and/or skills as a result of prior learning experiences, they may be able to earn academic credit through the Prior Learning Assessment Program.

Prior learning credits are not available for all BC courses. Students who have been admitted and who have decided on an academic program may challenge courses through Prior Learning if the course is NOT available through CLEP. Students who receive permission to challenge a course from an authorized faculty assessor must pay the required assessment fees and satisfactorily pass a faculty-administered learning assessment before credit can be awarded. 

Although there is no limit to the number of hours that students can receive through Prior Learning, 25% of credits required for a degree must be earned by taking classes at BC to satisfy in residence requirements for graduation.  Prior Learning credits appear on student transcripts as “CR.” Letter grades are not awarded for Prior Learning. Credits earned through Prior Learning satisfies graduation requirements but may not be accepted as transfer credits at another institution. Students planning to transfer to other institutions should contact the college or university to determine if Prior Learning credits are accepted.

Students interested in this option should send a copy of their current resume along with the courses they would like to challenge to