If you live in one of the following zip codes, there are even more resources available!

33309, 33311, 33313, 33319, 33023, 33069

  • Free Parenting Workshops & Resources
  • Free Aftercare and Summer Programs
  • Free Employability Skills & Job Placement
  • Free College & Career Planning
  • Free Mentoring & Math Tutoring
  • Free Entrepreneurship Programs
  • And more!


The Broward UP Promise Neighborhoods

Broward College seeks to actualize every resident’s unlimited potential by building strong community, municipal, and nonprofit partnerships to raise educational attainment levels and positively impact area residents' social and economic mobility. The Broward UP Promise Neighborhoods will focus on a broad “cradle to career” approach with initiatives that expand from: 

  • Supporting Early childcare and kindergarten readiness programs 
  • Enhancing K-12 supplemental instruction and success 
  • Improving high school completion and college enrollment 
  • Improving access to education and job training for young adults and all residents in the Broward UP Promise Neighborhoods
  • Addressing critical challenges facing the children and residents in the community 

Strong Communities are the Promise

In partnership with 13 community organizations, Broward College brings FREE services to residents in zip codes 33309, 33311, 33313, 33319, 33023, and 33069. The services provide for everyday needs and assist you in making plans for your future. In addition, we support and encourage you with services for the whole family. We can assist you, whatever your age and wherever you are in life.

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Early Childhood Development

Parents and caregivers of children from birth to five years old can receive education to support the well-being of their youngsters and family. We acknowledge you as your children’s nurturer and primary teacher. Together, we will establish a strong foundation so they will meet developmental milestones and thrive in a school environment. Services include:

  • Childcare & Parenting Courses
  • Preparing Children for Kindergarten
  • Customized Support for Parents of Children (Ages 0 – 5)

K-12 School Success

Students benefit from Math, Language Arts, and STEAM instruction within after-school programs and summer sessions. Aside from classes and workshops, youth have counselors to speak with on topics like safety, life skills, and career exploration. These activities will engage young minds and challenge them to think beyond today. Services include:

  • After-School & Summer Programs
  • Reading & Math Support
  • Adult Education/GED Courses

College and Career Readiness

College is an opportunity for everyone; this is the approach we take with young adults ready for their new stage of life. We showcase financial resources to explore and provide campus tours to create excitement for enrollment. Mentors also lend their assistance through group sessions and individual support once students begin their first term. It’s a recipe for academic success. Services include:

Workforce and Business Development

Our Career Development Specialists have experience working with youth and adults who want to progress on a personalized pathway leading to career success and life fulfillment. Whether you are still deciding on a career, need more training, can’t find work, or want to begin something new, we can help you. Your next job is waiting for you. Services include:

  • Employability Skills Training
  • Technical Certificates & Academic Degrees
  • Internships & Career Placement
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Support
  • Career Coach
  • Focus; use access code: Wolf

Community Services

We provide much-needed wrap-around services to assist all Broward UP Promise Neighborhoods students and residents. We offer community projects to make your neighborhood strong. Our network of 13 partners will address daily needs like food, shelter, immunizations, and technology. In addition, we have volunteer events to clean up neglected areas in town and beautify central locations with inspiring mural projects. Beyond this, we have projects to promote school and street safety. Services include:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Housing & Homeownership
  • Crime Prevention
  • Technology & Internet Access
  • Mini-Libraries & Reading Events

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