About the Institute

The Broward College Institute of Leadership and Civic Engagement (ILCE) was created through the Florida Civic Literacy Excellence Initiative and Career Pathways Grant. The Institute was designed to assist with the following grant initiatives:

Establish Civic Career Academies at High Schools

The High School Civics Career Academies will provide students with opportunities to explore careers in public service and create a pathway for students to pursue those positions either immediately after high school graduation or through post-secondary education. More information can be found under Civic Career Academies.

Serve as a Source for Professional Development

The ILCE will serve as a continuous resource of professional development opportunities related to public service careers, civic engagement and leadership for populations such as high school teachers and staff of schools utilizing the Civic Career Pathway Academies curriculum, Broward College Faculty and Staff and Broward College students. Get more information about professional development.

Foster Leadership and Civic Engagement 

The ILCE will serve as a source of opportunities for Broward College students to become leaders, learn about careers in public service and connect with civic engagement projects and activities. This will be done through specialized programming such as the Student Ambassador Program. We will also work with Broward Up’s Service Learning Program, with the Peer Mentoring and Leadership Program and other related initiatives. Get more information on Leadership, Civic Engagement and Careers in Public Service.

Civic Career Academies

Broward College, in partnership with Broward County Public Schools, Polk State College, and Florida State College at Jacksonville is launching a new Civics Career Academy program. This high school curriculum, created by the Lou Frey Institute at the University of Central Florida, serves to promote work in public service roles and create a civic-minded workforce. Students who complete the Academy will develop skills that lead to a relevant workforce certification and lead into an articulated postsecondary course of study if desired. 

The high school program includes four .5 credit courses:

  1. Public Service Leadership
  2. Public Service Communication
  3. Project Management and Experiential Learning in Public Service
  4. Public Service Research

Throughout the high school curriculum students will learn the foundations of project management and prepare to sit for the Project Management Ready industry certification exam.

High school graduates who successfully complete the full Civics Career Academy curriculum may be awarded up to six college credits upon entry at Broward College.

Participating schools:


Contact Name

Contact email

Program Name

Blanche Ely High School

Jennifer Letizia


Blanche Ely Public Service Academy of Leadership for Students (PALS)

Dave Thomas Education Center

Samuel Moseley


Dave Thomas Civics Career Academy

Miramar High School

Ryan March


Miramar High Civics Career Academy

South Broward High School

Timothy Woodburn


South Broward Civics Career academy

West Broward High School

Donna Yard


West Broward Leadership Academy

Coconut Creek High School

Miderline Delance


Cougars Public Service Academy

McArthur High school

David Piroozshad


Mustang Civics Career Academy

Nova High school

Kristina Patino


Investigating Civics While Leading Project Management

Whiddon Rodgers Education Center

Sharnett Morris


Whiddon Rodgers Education Center Civics Career Academy

Interested high school student and parents should contact their high school representative listed above for more information.

Professional Development

Broward College, in cooperation with Broward County Schools, offers several professional development opportunities for educators teaching within the Civic Career Academy program. These include travel opportunities, online pedagogical training for high school teachers approved to teach the Civics Career Academies curriculum and resources to prepare for the Project Management Ready certification.

Broward College will offer its first Leadership and Civic Engagement Conference in September 2023. The conference will engage high school and college students and faculty in various topics related to leadership, civic engagement and careers in public service.

Leadership, Civic Engagement & Careers

Broward College offers multiple opportunities to engage in leadership development, public service and career exploration.

Student Ambassador Program

Broward College’s student ambassadors serve as mentors for middle school and high school students, generating interest in the Civic Career Academies curriculum and the pursuit of careers in public service.

Service Learning Program

The mission of the Broward UP Service-Learning Commission is to develop service learning and civic engagement opportunities for Broward College students, faculty, and staff to positively impact Broward UP communities. Service-Learning opportunities are community engagement teaching practices that combine learning goals, reflection, and community service to enhance student growth and the common good. Service-Learning provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience in their field of study.

Peer Mentoring and Leadership Program.

Whenever possible, the ILCE will work with Broward College’s Peer Mentoring and Leadership program. Peer Leaders provide mentorship, resource connection, and general support to model student success.