Broward College will continue to monitor local and statewide data to take appropriate action, as necessary. Information will be updated and communicated through this website and advisories.


Last updated on May 16, 2022.



Anyone may choose to wear a mask.

Please respect those who choose to wear one.


Report positive tests:

Students: Report online

Employees: Email

Find testing sites



Students and employees are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  Learn more about vaccines

Find Vaccination Sites

Resources and Procedures

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 let us know per the instructions outlined below. If you believe you may have been exposed to someone who was positive to COVID-19 you should monitor yourself for symptoms and you are encouraged to get tested.

Students - Report positive COVID-19 tests using the Student COVID-19 Report Online Form. The College closely monitors CDC and State guidelines. Once you submit your report using the link above, a team member will review your submitted form. You will then be contacted by your Student Dean’s Office by phone and/or email and provided additional information and resources that are available to students.

Employees - To report positive COVID-19 tests, self-isolation, or quarantine situations, employees should send an email to and also inform their supervisor. This mailbox is monitored by Talent and Culture, who will respond and provide information about the resources available to employees.

Vendors - BC staff who manage vendors onsite must communicate with their vendor partners that you want to know if any of their employees, who work onsite at any of our locations, test positive for COVID-19. When BC staff learn about a vendor with a positive COVID-19 test, then that staff member shall notify either the individual your department has designated for tracking their vendors.

Protocol After Reporting

After reporting your positive COVID-19 test, you may be instructed to self-isolate based on your circumstances. The College is guided by CDC guidelines on ending isolation.

Employees should obtain clearance from the Talent and Culture department before reporting to their onsite work location. Students must obtain clearance from their Student Dean before reporting to any onsite location. These are general guidelines and you will receive more detailed instructions based on your case.


Contact Tracing

The Florida Department of Health is conducting broad test tracking and contact tracing.  If you or someone you have been in contact with tests positive for COVID-19, public health professionals may call to help you identify the time frame when you may have been contagious and recall your close contacts during that time.

Answer calls from (833) 917-2880, (833) 443-5364, (850) 583-2419 or county health departments to discuss potential exposure to COVID-19 with a contact tracer.


Local COVID Vaccine and Positivity Rates and Broward College Self-Reported On-Campus Positive Case Statistics:

The chart below includes self-reported positive cases for on-campus students, faculty/staff.  Additional data is also reported by:

The chart below is updated weekly.  Confidentiality laws prevent us from identifying individuals.

To view the charts, please disable any ad blockers. You can also load the COVID Data Reports in a new window.

COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) via an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and are now available to those age 5 and older. Below are informative resources about the vaccines that are available:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - COVID-19 Vaccines

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - COVID-19 Vaccines

Florida Department of Health – COVID-19 Vaccines in Florida

Finding Vaccine Distribution Sites: The State of Florida is in charge of administering vaccines. This includes determining where vaccine sites will be located and who is eligible to receive a vaccine. You can find detailed information about where to find vaccines, how to make appointments, and who is eligible using the Florida Department of Health Website’s Vaccine Locator. 

In addition, Broward College will be hosting both vaccine and COVID-19 testing sites on our campuses. Our campus testing and vaccination locations and schedule are listed at the top of this webpage.

We would also like to address some of the questions you may have about how the vaccines will impact operations at Broward College.


  • Am I required to get vaccinated? In accordance with state law, Broward College is not requiring our students or employees get the vaccine. We highly encourage you to discuss the benefits/risks with your health care provider. Here is a link to the CDC Vaccine Information Website.

  • Will Broward College administer the vaccine? We have and will continue to seek opportunities to provide vaccination sites on our campuses for our students, staff, and faculty. We will communicate these opportunities via this website, Town Halls, or via email. When available the schedule of both vaccine and COVID-19 testing availability on-campus will be posted at the top of this webpage.
  • Do I have to pay for the vaccine? There is no out-of-pocket cost for the vaccines offered at Broward College campuses, however, you may be asked to provide a copy of your insurance (if you carry insurance). Whether you are insured or uninsured, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you. Providers are reimbursed either from the government or from your insurer. If you are insured, but don’t disclose so at the time your service is rendered, you may later receive a bill that you will then need to submit to your insurer for payment.

  • If I do receive the vaccine, do I still need to follow the social distancing, facemask, and other safety guidelines established by the College to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus? We strongly recommend the continued use of face masks. You will find our campuses will have signage, and other changes designed to foster social distancing. The CDC advises it will be important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to us to help stop this pandemic, like covering your mouth and nose with a mask and washing hands often. Together, COVID-19 vaccination and following recommendations for how to protect yourself and others will offer the best protection from getting and spreading COVID-19.

  • Am I allowed to disclose whether or not I have been vaccinated? That is your personal choice, but there is nothing else restricting you from sharing this information. State law, however, restricts how governmental entities and educational institutions can use certain information about vaccine status and other COVID-19 related data.


All event plans must be submitted to the campus Business Deans with at least two weeks’ advance notice to allow appropriate coordination and support, using the relevant emails below. Virtual meetings should be considered whenever possible. Broward College will continue to prioritize in-person instruction over non-instructional activities.

The College will continue to review events considering the environmental factors.  Environmental factors include, but are not limited to, local positivity rates, vaccination rates, as well as guidance from the state and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Safety Measures & Prevention


The COVID-19 Task Force is actively monitoring environmental factors and implementing layered prevention strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Environmental factors include, but aren’t limited to, local positivity rates, vaccination rates, and guidance from the state and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 


Layered Prevention Strategies


Implementing and layering prevention strategies allows for multiple layers to continue to provide prevention when one or more layers are not fully available.  Informed by the CDC’s Guidance for Institutes of Higher Education and for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools, along with guidance from the Florida Department of Health, our layered prevention strategies include:


  • Offering and/or promoting vaccination
  • Consistent and correct use of masks
  • Physical Distancing
  • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette
  • Contact tracing with isolation and quarantine
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Maintaining healthy environments (with increased ventilation and cleaning)
  • Maintaining healthy operations (communications, supportive policies, and health equity)



College-sponsored travel coordination and approvals should be addressed by department or program managers, and student club advisors. 

For those who are planning college-sponsored travel, review and share with participants the appropriate CDC travel guidance and any travel advisories issued by the U.S. Dept. of State.


U.S. Dept. of State - Travel Map

CDC Guidance on Domestic Travel During COVID-19

CDC Guidance on International Travel During COVID-19

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