Employee Work, Travel, and Scheduling FAQs

Remote Learning is a general term to describe when the learner and instructor are separated by distance and, therefore, cannot meet in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. Examples of Remote Learning include the learning that occurs using tools like D2L, Blackboard Collaborate, or Skype to deliver course materials, broadcast a lecture, or hold a discussion. Even a conference call to discuss a reading and upcoming assignments could be considered a type of Remote Learning. 

Broward College, like other higher education institutions, intentionally chose this phrase as it recognizes the wide variety of mechanisms for facilitating learning from afar. It provided faculty the freedom to apply a diversity of pedagogical approaches to actualize distance learning.

Faculty should be online, making themselves readily available to students during their normally scheduled class times. Faculty can be working synchronously or asynchronously to deliver remote instruction during the times for which they have been assigned. For example, if a faculty member is assigned to teach on Wednesdays from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM, the faculty member should make themselves readily available online at this time. This may mean that they are delivering synchronous or asynchronous remote instruction Wednesdays from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM, or, that they are just accessible online to students during this time frame.

Importantly, these class times are the times during which both the students and faculty have already agreed to meet and should remain as assigned. This agreement is a key component of maintaining Academic Continuity and ensuring that additional conflicts are not unintentionally occurring during this time. Students need to know that they can engage faculty, whether through D2L, Blackboard Collaborate, email, phone, or some other mechanism during the time for which they were originally assigned. In response to COVID-19, the College has shifted the place of instruction and learning, not the time.

Importantly, faculty are also required to hold regularly scheduled student office hours. Like the remote instruction times, remote office hours should be published on the syllabus and be consistently held as they would under normal operations. Of course, faculty and students may engage remotely beyond those times, as appropriate to maximize learning.

Unfortunately, the College has had to cancel the large majority of clinicals, performances practicums, studios, exhibits, practicums, and labs. The unique nature and requirements of these types of courses in the Arts, Design, Sciences, Wellness, Allied Health Sciences, and Nursing disciplines may necessitate a modification to the instructional schedule.  Faculty (adjunct and full-time) will work with their Associate Dean to ensure that students have regularly scheduled and consistent access to faculty and those resources needed to complete the learning outcomes for these courses that have not been canceled.

The employee will be placed on an authorized leave with pay as “Authorized unable to work” or “Authorized to work remotely”

Workday will be utilized to tag and track these individuals.

Refer to the self-isolation protocols at Broward.edu/Coronavirus.

Please see Broward.edu/coronavirus for criteria.

Yes, you will be paid your regular hours if you are placed on leave. Please monitor the website for any updates on the requirements for self-isolation.

Faculty and staff who need laptops should submit a HelpDesk ticket.


The College is currently operating most buildings between the hours of 10:30 am to 4 pm to control the humidity of each building during the closure.  For the buildings still occupied, such as building 17, South Regional, and North Regional libraries, the air conditioning is running from 7:30 am to 6 pm.

Academics, Scheduling, and General Information FAQs

Yes, the semester will proceed as scheduled. No decisions have been made at this time to alter the term dates. The only dates that have been modified at this point are the add/drop period of session four, the enrollment verification, financial disbursement, and financial aid refund dates. The end date and any other dates within our spring session have not been modified. Please note that all classes, except certain approved clinical/practicum experiences and law enforcement academies, will be suspended through March 23.

No, all Broward College employees should practice social distancing.  Please see broward.edu/coronoavirus.

No. To avoid confusion and maintain continuity and consistency for students, all instruction will be suspended until March 23.

No. To avoid confusion and maintain continuity and consistency for students, all instruction will be suspended until March 23.

Every effort is being made to accommodate students.  For more information on resources that are available to students, please visit Coronavirus Student Resources.

As of now, the spring 2020 final exam schedule has not changed.

Federal guidelines have been eased as it relates to veterans. Under current guidance from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) as of Friday, March 13, benefits will remain unchanged for the current term, including housing allowance, even in cases where instruction is moved to remote learning (online). These students can contact the Veteran's Services Department at veterans@broward.edu

This has been a rapidly changing situation, as this semester began, there had been no closures, and we were trying to remain on course. We continue to monitor and will make a decision based on developments in the coming weeks.

Withdraw, or audit dates for session 3 are still being reviewed. We will send a communication on these dates once a decision is made.  The withdraw date is inextricably linked to federal financial aid regulations.  Note that if the College is not able to modify the withdraw date for session 3, students have the ability to petition for a withdrawal beyond the last date to withdraw through the Academic Standards Committee.

Yes, we will exercise every possible way to share information.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L), the College’s online learning management system is certainly an option for facilitating remote learning. Available within D2L is Blackboard Collaborate a virtual classroom conferencing tool. Additionally, the College will collaborate with faculty to identify other available technologies to support remote learning appropriate to these courses. At the same time, the College aims to limit the number of methods of remote learning to provide some level of consistency of experiences for students.  We will continue to work with all available technologies, but we also do not want to employ multiple platforms as we want to maintain some consistency in the delivery of courses. We will be working all these details out in the coming weeks.

Faculty can contact Librarians by Pathway.

Faculty can also schedule an information literacy session by visiting the BC library page at Request for U/CL Information Literacy Session.

There is a Library Research Menu that can be added as a module to any D2L course shell. This menu facilitates access to the library as closely as we can into the actual course content.  Anyone with admin access to a course shell can import it following the steps identified below.

  1. Go to the Library Sandbox course you're enrolled in D2L. 
  2. Find Tools from the menu bar. 
  3. Select Course Admin from the drop down. 
  4. Select Import/ Export Contents to Export Components from this course.

If you have selected Blackboard Collaborate as your preferred method for facilitating remote learning, contact your associate dean to locate an appropriate venue that supports this technology.

Currently, we do not know. We continue to assess and monitor the situation and developments and will communicate decisions that are in the best interest of the College.  Updates will be communicated whenever there is a decision or change. You should also check the website updates.

The collegiate academy leadership has been notified about all college plans and continue to be updated throughout this process.

The campuses are closed to students as of March 16. 

The library remains open to faculty and staff to support the transition to remote learning from 8 AM through 4 PM.

The testing center is in remote operations for placement testing only.

Broward County Libraries closed to the public as of Thursday, March 19. This was also be the last day customers could pick up holds or borrow books, digital tablets, and other physical materials until the library reopens. The library will not assess any fines for materials returned late as a result of the closure. Online services will still be available. Library staff will still report to their regular work locations. Check Broward.org/Library for updates.

Yes, at this time, the Vision Clinic remains open. The Dental Clinic will not be seeing community patients at this time.

Yes, the call center will continue to operate at this time.  Students can direct inquiries to: 954-201-7350.