Student FAQs

In addition to the following course modalities available to students in the upcoming term, Broward College also offers Remote Learning with on-campus testing, labs and studios.  Please read the course notes while registering.


  • Students registering for this class are required to attend all class meetings on campus in the building and room as noted at the listed time.

On-Campus Blended 

  • This is a blended class that requires on-campus meetings with online learning activities.
  • Students are required to attend classes on-campus at the scheduled time and place and required to participate in an online-learning activities in D2L.

On-Campus with Remote Option

  • Students registering for this class are required to attend all class meetings on campus in the building and room as noted at the listed time; and meet live in Zoom at the scheduled days and times.
  • Students should have a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone to participate in this class.

Remote Learning

  • This class meets live in Zoom at the scheduled days and times.
  • Students will engage in live structured classroom activities in a remote setting via Zoom.
  • There are no on-campus meeting for this course.
  • Students should have a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone to participate in this class.

Remote Learning Blended

  • Remote Learning class that will be delivered using D2L and Zoom and will combine real-time instruction and online learning activities.
  • There are no on-campus meeting for this course.
  • Students are expected to participate in live sessions via Zoom during the scheduled days and times as well as complete activities online in D2L

Fully Online

  • This is a fully online course that has no on-campus meetings.
  • Students are required to log in to D2L and complete an activity as specified in the syllabus within 48 hours of the start of the term.

Remote Learning is a general term to describe when the learner and instructor are separated by distance and, therefore, cannot meet in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. Examples of Remote Learning include the learning that occurs using tools like D2L, Blackboard Collaborate, or Skype to deliver course materials, broadcast a lecture, or hold a discussion. Even a conference call to discuss a reading and upcoming assignments could be considered a type of Remote Learning. 

Broward College, like other higher education institutions, intentionally chose this phrase as it recognizes the wide variety of mechanisms for facilitating learning from afar. It provided faculty the freedom to apply a diversity of pedagogical approaches to actualize distance learning.

BC Remote Learning includes user-friendly online tools to make your learning experience very similar to what you would receive in an actual on-campus classroom.  You will watch live videos and participate in online activities (homework) to meet the course’s learning outcomes.

Classes will meet remotely at the specific time listed on the course schedule.  This is why these courses are described as ‘Remote Learning.’  Faculty will be available to meet with you in a virtual setting during office hours outlined in the course syllabus.  The syllabus, grading policy, and other course materials will be available in the D2L learning management system.  

When searching for classes, you should carefully review the class notes to understand course requirements and other important information.  To review class notes, click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass below the reference number as you are creating your class schedule.

Every effort is being made to accommodate students.  For more information on resources that are available to you, please visit Student Resources.

Advising Offices have transitioned to remote operations and you now have the option of attending a virtual appointment via Skype or Phone in BC Navigate.

Visit Advising for more information about hours and online scheduling.

The College has transitioned to remote operations.  Students should not come to campus until further notice.

College Library resources are fully available online including online databases and videos.  You can also chat with a librarian for assistance with research or projects.  Visit

Bookstores are operating online, students can order books for free home delivery.  For information and questions, visit

All rented textbooks can be returned free by mail by printing a return label.  For instructions, visit

Broward County has announced it is beginning a gradual reopening of in-person services beginning Monday, November 2. Social distancing requirements result in some building capacity limitations. Customers and employees are required to wear facial coverings, and numerous precautions have been taken to ensure that County employees can safely provide services in the workplace, and that members of the public can safely access those services in government facilities. Check for updates.

Visit Remote Testing for the status of placement testing services and options.

Access to our campuses for services provided by our Student Services departments is remote until further notice. However, most services are available online or by phone. 

Please contact your professor for any details about courses in which you are currently enrolled. You may reach you professors by email or through D2L.  You may also call them.  Visit the Faculty and Staff Directory.

Students who are having academic issues are encouraged to reach out to their professor, and if that is not successful, contact the Associate Dean. 

Students can find the appropriate Associate Dean through the Faculty and Staff Directory.

Select the department and location of your class. Next select "Administrator" in the 'Employee Type' box.  This search should help you find the appropriate Associate Dean to contact.

You may also submit a concern through the Office of the Ombudsperson online portal, and we will route/address your issue accordingly.

Visit the article in the Technology Knowledge Base for information on how to request technology assistance, tutorials on using our applications, and more.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, your family's current financial circumstances may warrant a recalculation of your financial aid eligibility. The latter may have resulted in the loss of wages or reduction of hours. Starting Fall 2020, students can submit an income adjustment request along with documentation to substantiate the reason for any adjustment of their 2020-2021 financial aid eligibility. The request takes about 4 weeks to be reviewed and can be submitted online by visiting Financial Aid. 

Report positive COVID-19 tests, self-isolation, or quarantine situations using the Student COVID-19 Report Online Form.

The College closely monitors and follows CDC guidelines. Once you submit your report using the link above, a team member will review your submitted form. You will then be contacted and provided additional information and resources that are available to students. 

Additional information about COVID-19 Test Reporting and Self Isolation Protocols are available at coronavirus/index.

The College's policy regarding attendance is outlined in Policy 6hx2-4.18.