Broward College's Greene International Education Institute is a leader in international education. In addition to enhancing student diversity at Broward College (BC) through international student recruitment initiatives, the College provides students who live outside of the United States opportunities to live and study at American colleges and universities through its international education partnering network. This network has been critical in Broward's efforts to offer both US and international students greater access to US universities and educational institutes abroad.

Since 2006 Broward College has organized more than 20 regional and world conferences to serve as a forum for partners to share best practices and ideas. The BC World Conference offers a platform for BC to strengthen partnerships with its international partners and presents all participants the opportunity to forge new relationships. BC World Conferences seek to achieve the following goals:

  1. To provide up-to-date information about changes at the College and our programs, policies, and procedures needed to operate a BC International Center with a special focus on SACSCOC compliance issues
  2. To share best practices in classroom management and innovative teaching strategies
  3. To cultivate a culture of community among the international partners as well as linking them to the College
  4. To enable US Universities to attend and present their institutions to Conference delegates for the purpose of providing students in international centers a transfer path after earning their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree

Virtual BC World Conference 2022

Broward College's Greene International Education Institute is proud to announce that we will be hosting the 2022 BC World Conference from May 16 – 19, 2022. The theme of the Conference will be “Overcoming Barriers to Accessing an American Dream Education”, an apt refrain for proponents of higher education as we continue to motivate our students to stay the course of their education journey.

We hoped to reconnect in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but due to the uncertainty posed by the pandemic, the Conference will be delivered virtually on Zoom.

We hope to “see” you on Zoom to catch up, share best practices and learn from your experience this past year.  These sessions will be recorded and shared with our International Partners. To find out more, please contact Ms. Lisbeth Isaacs, Senior Director, Global Operations for International Education at

Kindly note that these plans are tentative and are subject to change without notice.

We invite our local faculty & staff, international partners, and Educational institutions to register for our 2022 Virtual World Conference using the links below.



To access the 2022 BC World Conference Program, please click HERE. Kindly note that this Program is subject to change without notice. 

Kindly note that this List of Presenters is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

Broward College

  • Gregory A. Haile, Esq., President of Broward College
  • Dr. Jeffrey Nasse, College Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Ms. Karen Lee Murphy, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs/College Registrar
  • Ms. Janice Stubbs, Vice President, Student Services 
  • Ms. Esmeralda Sweeney, Associate Vice President, Student Achievement Initiatives
  • Ms. Renee Law, Associate Vice President, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
  • Ms. Ashley Daniels, Associate General Counsel
  • Ms. Quakish Williams Liner, Dean, Academic Services District Honors Institute
  • Dr. Monique Blake, Dean, Libraries and Academic Success Centers
  • Dr. Samar Swaid, Dean, Information Technology & Engineering
  • Dr. Paul Moore, Dean, Academic Affairs (North Campus) and Business & Management Pathway
  • Mr. Russell McCaffrey, Dean, Transportation Programs, Aviation Operations
  • Mr. Scott Miller, Dean, Academic Pathway Arts, Humanities & Design, ACHD Pathway
  • Dr. Elizabeth Molina, Dean of Academic Affairs - North/Education
  • Dr. Lulrick Balzora, Dean, SBSHS Pathway Community
  • Dr. Amoy Reid, Dean, Academic Affairs, Communication Pathways
  • Mr. Neil Cohen, Dean, Student Services & College Ombudsperson
  • Sheila Fabius, Associate Dean, Student Services
  • Ms. Brittney Freeman, Assistant Registrar, International Partnership
  • Mr. Marc Webb, Senior Director, Testing, District Testing & Assessment
  • Mr. Phillip Davis, Supervisor, Testing, Campus Testing & Assessment Center
  • Dr. Anelle Moss, Accreditation & Planning Manager, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
  • Dr. David Moore, Dean, International Education
  • Dr. Maria Bernal, Senior Director, International Student Success
  • Dr. Kaya Hamer-Small, Assistant Professor, Sociology and International Honors Coordinator
  • Ms. Karen Palacios, Coordinator Robert Bob Elmore Honors College
  • Dr. Andrea Apa, Associate Professor English as a Second Language & International Coordinator English for Academic Purposes
  • Ms. Lisa Burgess, Associate Professor Biological Sciences & International Coordinator Faculty Development
  • Mr. Stephen Mitchell, Recruiter, International Student, International Student Services Office
  • Ms. Elizaveta Le Breton – Drakunova, Interim Assistant Director, Faculty Professional Learning & International Coordinator D2L
  • Mr. Joshua Kimber, Assistant Professor Philosophy & Religion
  • Ms. Simone Williams, Virtual Librarian
  • Dr. Krzysztof Bryniuk, Associate Professor Business Administration & International Business Track Coordinator
  • Dr. Tai Houser, Associate Professor, English & International Coordinator General Education
  • Ms. Janice Toh, Associate Director, International Strategic Initiatives

International Partners

  • Madam Sherryn Yaseen, CEO & Founder of American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka
  • Dr. Padmini Sirimanne, Director of Studies, American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka
  • Mr. Victor Patrick, Director of Enrollment Management & General Manager American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka
  • Ms. Thao Than, Director Broward Vietnam, Vietnam
  • Ms. Uyen Le, Student Affairs Manager, Broward Vietnam, Vietnam
  • Dr. Marshall Schott, President Sampoerna University, Indonesia
  • Dr. Lauren Clarke, Vice Rector of International Relations, Sampoerna University, Indonesia
  • Mr. Erik Krauss, Vice Rector of Student Success, Sampoerna University, Indonesia
  • Mr. Jimmie Whitman, Director Broward Center for American Education, Ecuador
  • Ms. Erika Valdivia Quiroz, Assistant Director Center for Global Education, Peru
  • Ms. Natasha Pedrotti, Director for International University of Santa Cruz, Bolivia

University Presenters

  • Jason Chambers, Associate Director of International Admissions, University of Cincinnati
  • Jesse A. Hedge, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate & International Affairs, University of Kentucky
  • Renee Loayza-Damergi, Director of International Admissions, Lynn University
  • Jessica Lopez-Velez, Director of Transfer Recruitment & Link Program, Florida Atlantic University
  • Laura M. Pacchioni, Associate Director, Office of International Admissions, Florida International University

The presentations shared below is provided on an “as is” basis and serves as an information resource for general informational purposes only. The views and opinions expressed in the presentations below are those of the authors with the exception of presentations by Broward College representatives.

May 16, 2022


May 17, 2022


May 18, 2022


May 19, 2022


Despite the global pandemic and travel restrictions in place, Broward College's Greene International Education Institute virtually reconnected with its existing partners, colleagues, and friends and forged new relationships by hosting the 2021 BC World Conference from May 10 - 14, 2021. "Building Better and Stronger Connections" was made possible as conference attendees shared and exchanged ideas and best practices that proved effective for them as they navigate the uncharted pandemic landscape. Broward College students in Florida and across the globe also interacted with university representatives from North America, Europe and England through virtual transfers fairs to learn more about the various educational opportunities available to them.

2020 Conference

Due to the global concern over the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the 2020 Broward College World Conference scheduled for May 4 through to May 8, 2020, was canceled. Broward College remains committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment and is closely monitoring the current outbreak of COVID-19 and are following the recommendations and guidelines from the Florida Department of Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

2019 Conference

The 2019 BC World Conference was organized by The American College in Spain a Broward College International Center in collaboration with Broward College. The Conference was held in Marbella, Spain and the sessions were held in the conference facilities at the Alanda Hotel Marbella where attendees were also accommodated. Marbella, a cosmopolitan city (inhabited by 137 nationalities) renowned for its beautiful climate is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, between Málaga and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Contact Us

To learn more about the next BC World Conference, please contact:

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