Who are we?

  • We believe that confidence can be life-changing.
  • We believe that learning opportunities are stepping stones to self-confidence. 
  • We believe that attainable challenges are motivating and essential to the learning process.

Talent & Culture's Workplace Learning professionals facilitate a variety of learning experiences that support college staff and administrators in developing new skills toward reaching the milestones of their career goals.

What do we offer?

We offer a variety of programs and technologies for our present and future members to give their all!

Broward College Leadership Empowerment and Development  (BC LEAD) Program is a leadership development experience that focuses on the 5Cs of Credibility and building a community of diverse and credible leaders to inspire our Seahawks to be their best selves. All employees who are managers of others and have completed the 360-degree feedback session are eligible to apply.

Program Information
BC LEAD is Offered as a Blended Course using D2L
This blended course includes:
  • Kickoff Session
  • Five 2-hour synchronous facilitated virtual sessions (Fridays from 10 -12)
  • Five 1-hour Cohort Connections MS Teams Lunch Meeting (Fridays 12 -1)
  • All other coursework is asynchronous, self-paced online in D2L
  • Capstone Presentations and Graduation
  • Team Building and Mentor Matching Event
Program Topics Include:
Module 1 - Competence: Communication, Organizational Knowledge, and Time Management
Module 2 - Character: From Me to We, Leadership Qualities
Module 3 - Composure: Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, and Trust
Module 4 - Care for People: Employee Engagement, Psychological Safety, and Team Building
Module 5 - Courage: Coaching, Navigating Change, and Delegation

The administrator PD applications are now being managed through SmartSheets.

We are no longer using PDF applications.

Click on the "Administrator PD applications" link to apply.

In this monthly program, Associate Deans come together to network, share best practices, and learn about a variety of tools and resources that can help them navigate their day to day role at Broward College.  From academic and staffing accountabilities to business and technology tools, daily tasks and challenges are addressed through peer interaction, case studies, and hands on activities.  Each session covers topics that align with the monthly timing of the academic calendar and the Associate Dean’s current responsibilities. Check Workday's My Learning to enroll.

We understand that your area may have specific needs when it comes to professional learning.  We will work with you to customize group sessions for your team on topics that address your specific needs and fit into your schedule.    
  Invite one of our learning professionals to:
  • Facilitate a retreat for your team, committee, department, or Pathway.
  • Offer an in-service session during a department or team meeting. 
  Collaborate with our team to:
  • Customize a session that addresses a specific need within your area.
  • Co-develop  and/or co-facilitate a session on a topic not currently being offered
  Take advantage of our coaching services for developing your facilitation skills by:
  • Co-facilitating a session with one of our Workplace Learning professionals
  • Attending our online “Train-the-Trainer” session (Coming this spring)
  • Attending our “Presentations Ted Style” sessions

 Consultations, Coaching, and Retreat Facilitation is subject to Workplace Learning staff availability, so be sure to plan ahead.
To request a customized session:

Contact: Shayna Dominguez, Assistant Director,  Workplace Learning at:  sdoming1@broward.edu

If you are looking for a Workplace Learning professional to assist you in the development and co-facilitation of a customized session, please complete the   Workplace Learning Collaboration Packet .

Microsoft Office

Talent & Culture offers a number of sessions, from the basics to advanced features, to help employees develop their skills using Microsoft products.  Talent & Culture works closely with the Department of Information Technology to assure that our professional learning sessions stay current with the technologies adopted by the college.
Individualized support is also available by making an appointment with one of the Talent & Culture Workplace Learning Professionals.  WPLearn@broward.edu

Microsoft Teams

Messaging, meetings, and screen sharing are just some of the features available using Microsoft Teams.

Office 365

Learn how One Drive and Teams bring workplace collaboration into the cloud making synchronous access and dynamic document collaboration possible.

Share Your Expertise   in our Workplace Learning programs by joining Talent & Culture’s facilitator pool.

At Broward College, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience among our faculty, staff, and administrators.  Talent & Culture's pool of SME Facilitators bring their unique passions and perspectives to the many topics offered in our professional learning programs. 

Workplace Learning is always looking to expand our pool of volunteer facilitators with those who are willing to share their expertise in the following areas:

  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Student Advocacy
  • Workplace Technologies
  • Leadership
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Student Success Resources
  • Effective Communication
  • Project Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution

Our Talent & Culture Learning Professionals would love to work with you to make your expertise come alive in engaging ways.

  1. Facilitator coaching and support will be offered to all SME volunteers.
  2. Earn Administrator PD credits for each approved topic you facilitate through Talent & Culture's Workplace Learning programs.

If you are interested in developing, co-developing, or facilitating a professional learning session, or want to join the Talent & Culture facilitator pool of SMEs, let us know.

Complete the collaboration packet to get started:
Workplace Learning Collaboration Packet

Soft Skills
​Soft skills   are the qualities that determine how you manage your own behavior, as well as how you interact with and get along with others. They are relationship specific.

Also referred to as interpersonal and self-management skills, they are demonstrated in the workplace by our attitudes and behaviors and are grounded in communication, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness.

Talent & Culture's Workplace Learning programming offers a variety of sessions to help employees develop their skills in these areas.

Interpersonal skill development includes:
  • Effective Communication and Difficult Conversations
  • Enhancing your People Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving
  • Building a Quality Service Culture

Self-Management skill development includes:
  • Organizing and Time Management
  • Sustainable Professionalism
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Email, Phone, and Front Desk Etiquette

These sessions are highly interactive and insightful as participants assess and improve their effectiveness in their interactions and relationships with others.

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