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Section 4: Academic Affairs

​Title Policy​ ​Procedure
Substitution or Waiver of Specific Courses 6Hx2-4.01.pdf
Academic Load
6Hx2-4.02.pdf ​​ A6Hx2-4.02.pdf
​Applicable Catalog/Recency of Credit ​6Hx2-4.03.pdf

​Renumbered 6Hx2-5.30 8/17/10

​CLAST Waivers ​6Hx2-4.04.pdf ​Repealed 8/9/11
​Cancellation of Previous Unsatisfactory College Record for A.S. Degree and Certificate Students ​6Hx2-4.05.pdf ​Repealed 2/26/13
​Graduation Dates ​6Hx2-4.06.pdf ​Renumbered 6Hx2-5.31   8/17/10
​Completion of Graduation Requirements After Transfer ​6Hx2-4.07.pdf ​Repealed 2/26/13
Academic Freedom 6Hx2-4.08.pdf
Substitution Admission and Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities 6Hx2-4.09.pdf A6Hx2-4.09.pdf
-Eligibility for Substitutions
-Articulation with Other State Institutions
-Compliance with Accreditation Standards
-Committee and Procedures
Closing Educational Programs on Campus, at Off-Campus Centers and at Off-Campus Sites 6Hx2-4.10.pdf A6Hx2-4.10.pdf
Program Acceleration 6Hx2-4.11.pdf A6Hx2-4.11.pdf
-Advanced Placement
-Dual Enrollment/Early Admission
-Credit by Nationally Standardized Examination
-Experiential Learning Assessment
-International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program
-Military Training and/or Experience
Instructional Program Evaluation 6Hx2-4.12.pdf A6Hx2-4.12.pdf
​Economic Development ​6Hx2-4.13.pdf ​Repealed 2/26/13
​Faculty Appointment and Tenure ​6Hx2-4.14.pdf ​Repealed 2/26/13
Faculty Grievances Other Than Contractual Matter 6Hx2-4.15.pdf
International/Intercultural Education 6Hx2-4.16.pdf
Advisory Committees for Technical Programs 6Hx2-4.17.pdf A6Hx2-4.17.pdf
Class Attendance 6Hx2-4.18.pdf
-Faculty Responsibilities
-Non-Penalized Absences
-Student Responsibilities Relative to Non-Penalized Absences
-Extenuating Circumstances
-Excessive Absences
-Classes with Special Instructional Requirements
Grades and Grade Appeal Process 6Hx2-4.19.pdf A6Hx2-4.19.pdf
-Total Attempts - College-Level Courses
-Total Attempts - College Preparatory Courses
-Faculty Grading Policy
-Final Grades and Records
-Non-Punitive Grades
-Withdrawal under Exceptional Circumstances
-Grade Appeal Process
-Grounds for Using the Grade Appeal Process
-Preliminary Action
-Step 1: Submission of Documents
-Step 2: Mediation by Department Head
-Step 3: A Hearing before the Campus/Center Grade Appeals Committee
Religious Observances 6Hx2-4.20.pdf
Deletion of Courses from College Curriculum 6Hx2-4.21.pdf
Awards and Graduation Requirements 6Hx2-4.22.pdf
Academic Standards of Progress 6Hx2-4.23.pdf
Substantive Changes​ 6Hx2-4.24.pdf A6Hx2-4.24.pdf
End of Term Grades Submission and Processing​ 6Hx2-4.25.pdf
Educational Benefits for Employees​ 6Hx2-4.26.pdf
Renumbered 6Hx2-3.58 10/22/19

Sabbatical Leave​ 6Hx2-4.27.pdf A6Hx2-4.27.pdf
Professional Development​ 6Hx2-4.28.pdf A6Hx2-4.28.pdf
​Institutional Review Board 6Hx2-4.29.pdf A6Hx2-4.29.pdf
​Course Outlines 6Hx2-4.30.pdf
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