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Section 3: Personnel

Appointment of Personnel 6Hx2-3.01​​
Recruitment, Selection/Assign. Personnel
6Hx2-3.02 A6Hx2-3.02
Criteria for Assignment of Rank for Instructional Personnel 6Hx2-3.03
Normal Work Hours 6Hx2-3.04 A6Hx2-3.04
Drug Free Workplace 6Hx2-3.05 A6Hx2-3.05
Loyalty Oath, Security Background Check, and Fingerprinting of Employees 6Hx2-3.06 A6Hx2-3.06
Adjunct and Substitute Faculty 6Hx2-3.07 A6Hx2-3.07
Sick Leave Pool 6Hx2-3.08
Personnel Contracts 6Hx2-3.09
​Professional Leave for Graduate Study​6Hx2-3.10 Repealed 4/27/10 ​
Leave of Absence 6Hx2-3.11 A6Hx2-3.11
​Educational Benefits for Employees​6Hx2-3.12Renumbered 6Hx2-4.26​ 12/11/12
Exit Interview 6Hx2-3.13 A6Hx2-3.13
Temporary Duty Assignment 6Hx2-3.14
​Sabbatical Leave​6Hx2-3.15​Renumbered 6Hx2-4.27 12/11/12
Terminal Pay 6Hx2-3.16
Group Insurance 6Hx2-3.17 A6Hx2-3.17
​HIV/AIDS Policy​6Hx2-3.18​Repealed 4/27/10
​Payroll Deductions​6Hx2-3.19​Repealed 2/26/13
Employee Records 6Hx2-3.20
Employee Performance and Talent Management 6Hx2-3.21 A6Hx2-3.21
Employment of Relatives 6Hx2-3.22
​Unemployment Compensation​6Hx2-2.23​Repealed 4/27/10
Position Classification Plan 6Hx2-3.24 A6Hx2-3.24
Resignation/Termination of Non-Instruction Personnel 6Hx2-3.25
Workers' Compensation 6Hx2-3.26 A6Hx2-3.26
Annual adoption of Salary Schedule 6Hx2-3.27 A6Hx2-3.27
Filing of Complaints for Administrative and Non-Represented Professional Technical Staff 6Hx2-3.28 A6Hx2-3.28
College Innovations 6Hx2-3.29
Reduction In Force 6Hx2-3.30 A6Hx2-3.30
Sexual and Other Workplace Harassment 6Hx2-3.31 A6Hx2-3.31
​Sexual Battery/Assault​6Hx2-3.32​Repealed 11/22/06
​Professional Development​6Hx2-3.33​Renumbered 6Hx2-4.28 12/11/12
Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation 6Hx2-3.34 A6Hx2-3.34
Emergency Compensation for Employees 6Hx2-3.35
ADA Accommodation in Employment 6Hx2-3.36 A6Hx2-3.36
Designation of Essential Personnel 6Hx2-3.37
Conflict of Interest - Financial Services 6Hx2-3.38
Military Leave 6Hx2-3.39
Workplace Violence 6Hx2-3.40
Retired and Emeritus Standing 6Hx2-3.41
Professional Technical Staff Recognition Programs 6Hx2-3.42 A6Hx2-3.42
Voluntary Furlough 6Hx2-3.43 A6Hx2-3.43
Diversity and Inclusive Excellence 6Hx2-3.44
Total Rewards Program Policy for PTS & Admin 6Hx2-3.45 A6Hx2-3.45
Total Rewards Pay Adjustments for PTS & Admin 6Hx2-3.46 A6Hx2-3.46
Recruitment, Selection and Assignment of Faculty in the Baccalaureate Program 6Hx2-3.47
Use of College Assets for Political Activity by College Employees 6Hx2-3.48
Supplemental Work for Administrators and Staff​ 6Hx2-3.49
Appointment and Contract Type of Faculty​ 6Hx2-3.50
Dismissal or Return to Annual Contract​6Hx2-3.51
Award of Continuing Contract​ 6Hx2-3.52
​Protection of Vulnerable Persons - Reporting Known or Suspected Child Abuse6Hx2-3.53
​Telecommuting ​6Hx2-3.54​A6Hx2-3.54
​Criminal Justice Information Handling and Storage6Hx2-3.55



​Amorous Relationships​6Hx2-3.56
Educational Benefits for Employees6Hx2-3.58.pdf ​A6Hx2-3.58
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