The mission of the Registrar's Office is to uphold the integrity of the Broward College credential and to be innovatively responsible stewards of students' academic records in compliance with federal, state, and institutional mandates. Our team takes pride in providing administrative support and services to students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

You must submit official transcripts for high school, and all colleges and universities attended. The transcript(s) should show that there is no coursework in progress.

Submit your transcript to Broward College using one of the formats below:

  1. Contact the previous institution(s) you attended to request your official transcript be sent electronically to Broward College (school code 001500)
  2. For schools that do not transmit electronically, mail an official and complete paper transcript(s) to: 

    Broward College Registrar’s Office
    4205 Bonaventure Blvd.
    Weston, FL 33332

  3. Students may drop off a transcript in person at our Central, North or South Campus locations during the following hours:

  • Monday - Thursday - 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
  • Friday - 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
  2. North Campus has a drop box located outside of the front door at building 46 on the 2nd floor. 

    Please note that official transcripts that are received/dropped must be official and in a sealed envelope.

Students who attended a university outside the United States are required to submit their foreign academic transcripts with an American Translators Association (ATA) certified English translation (only required when official transcripts are not in English), and the accompanying commercial evaluation.

Foreign academic transcripts must be commercially evaluated by a current member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES):

The evaluation must include the following:

(a) course-by-course delineation,
(b) upper and lower-level courses identified,
(c) credits/hours of instruction
(d) If the student wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree, the GPA will be necessary for program admission with upper and lower course identification and translation to English.

The student is responsible for evaluation fees and there is no guarantee that coursework will transfer.

Electronic commercial evaluations and translations are currently accepted from the following organizations:

View a quick video tutorial on how to check if your official transcripts have been received by Broward College!



Students who have previously attended another post-secondary institution are considered transfer students. Transfer and degree-seeking students who have fewer than 24 credits at the college level must submit official transcripts from their high school.

Transfer students must provide official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities. Students who attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States must provide transcripts in English. The Registrar receives and evaluates petitions for military courses in the same manner as other incoming transfer credits. Prior to the student's term of enrollment, transcripts are to be submitted by following the instructions on the Send Transcripts to Broward College tab.

Students who earned credit at a regionally accredited institution in the United States can access the Transfer Equivalency Service (TES) website to review if courses taken at their prior institution is transferable to Broward College.

Review courses you have taken at another institution to understand if they are equivalent to a Broward College course.

We evaluate college and university transcripts for enrolled students in registration date order.

Foreign University Transcript Evaluation

Students who attended a university outside the United States must submit their foreign academic transcripts and the accompanying commercial evaluation. Transcripts in languages other than English must be translated by an American Translators Association (ATA) certified English translator.

Foreign academic transcripts must be commercially evaluated by a current National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member:

The evaluation must include the following:

(a) Course-by-course
(b) Upper-level courses identified, and
(c) Grades and credits/hours of instruction
(d) Optional: If the student wishes to pursue a bachelor's degree, the GPA will be needed for program admission.

The student is responsible for evaluation fees and there is no guarantee that coursework will transfer.

Electronic commercial evaluations and translations are currently accepted from the following organizations:

Students residing in the U.S. with prior coursework from postsecondary institutions outside of the country must follow the same guidelines as indicated relative to submitting all prior coursework for evaluation. Transcripts in languages other than English must be translated.

Exceptions to the General Rule for Equivalency
Since the initial implementation of the State Course Numbering System (SCNS), specific disciplines or types of courses have been exempted from the guarantee of transfer for equivalent courses. These include courses that must be evaluated individually or courses in which the student must be evaluated for mastery of skill and technique. Transferability is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

High School
Students will not be accepted without appropriate proof of high school graduation. If we are unable to verify the credential, we will require a commercial evaluation of the high school documents. We only accept evaluations completed by current members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

NOTE: Students who have earned 24 credit hours of Broward credit through dual enrollment or transfer credits from other colleges and universities may present their official college transcripts in lieu of high school records unless requesting financial aid.

Official Transcripts:

  • Order official Broward College transcripts or check the status of a previous order through Parchment.
  • Current students may also order transcripts through their myBC portal.

Each official transcript incurs a $5.00 fee. You may contact Parchment Learner Support or call 847-716-3005 with questions about transcript orders.

Unofficial Transcripts:
An unofficial transcript is a student’s academic record without the Registrar’s signature, seal or envelope. No fee is incurred for unofficial transcripts.

It is the student’s responsibility to review his/her unofficial transcript prior to ordering an official copy to ensure all grades have been posted and/or degree awarded. Both the official and unofficial transcript contain the same information pertaining to the student’s academic record and may be found through the myBC student portal.

For video tutorials visit Parchment Learner YouTube Playlist.

Update your address to the location that you wish to receive your diploma or certificate sent in the mail. Diplomas will be mailed to the address on your record, within 4 - 5 weeks of the official graduation date. If your mailing address changes after the graduation date, please ensure you have mail-forwarding arranged through the United States Postal Service.

Duplicate/Replacement Diploma

To request a replacement or duplicate diploma complete the Duplicate/Replacement Diploma form. For questions regarding diplomas, please email Each duplicate or replacement diploma incurs a $10.00 fee.

Diploma Plaque
Purchase a sophisticated, official diploma plaque to prominently display and preserve your achievement for $99. Product information: 14 X 12", walnut background, high-gloss UV protective finish with gold tone beveled edge. Handcrafted in the US.

Enrollment Verification

If you would like to request an official letter from Broward College with your educational data to be distributed, please submit an Authorization for Release of Information (Enrollment Verification) Form. Upon receipt of your request, Broward College will complete and submit the requested enrollment or educational information. For questions, please send an e-mail to

Degree Verification
national-school-clearinghouse-logo_328px78px.pngDegreeVerify provides instant online verifications of college degrees. The service is designed to simplify verification for employers, background screening firms, executive search firms and employment agencies who regularly screen candidates.

There is a cost to obtain a degree verification. To make a request, access the National Student Clearinghouse website and click the VERIFY button to get started.
Broward College submits degree information to the Clearinghouse once per term. See the National Student Clearinghouse website for more information.

FERPA and the Parent of the Student

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. According to Federal FERPA Regulations 34 CFR 99, and Florida Statute 1002.22, the parents of a student who has reached the age of 18 years or is enrolled in a post-secondary program no longer have any rights under the provisions of this policy, unless the student gives written consent to release the information to the student’s parents.

Any student who would like to allow another person to access their education records must complete a FERPA Release Form.

FERPA and Directory Information

FERPA also allows Broward College to release “directory information” without obtaining the prior consent of the student. The following is what Broward College considers directory information: name, enrollment status, degrees and awards received, and statistics pertaining to a student’s participation in officially recognized sports and activities.

Students have the right, under FERPA, to "opt-out" of the release of directory information by submitting a FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out Form. Students who opt-out of the release of directory information will also be considered to have opted out of the release of military recruitment information.

If you have questions related to FERPA processing, please send an e-mail to

For more information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is Reverse Transfer?

Reverse Transfer is a unique process of awarding an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree retroactively to Broward College (BC) students who transferred to a four-year institution in Florida before completing the A.A.

Students who have earned 30 or more credit hours towards an A.A. degree at BC may qualify for Reverse Transfer once they have completed the remaining degree requirements at the four-year institution.

Why get an A.A. degree?

  • Boost your resume
  • Improve your eligibility for a promotion
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Achieve an accomplishment
  • An A.A. degree is often required for admissions to other institutions of higher education

Who is eligible?

Students currently enrolled at a four-year institution in Florida who:

  • Have earned at least 30 credits at BC
  • Transferred from BC without earning the A.A. degree
  • Have not yet earned a Bachelor’s degree
  • Are in good academic and financial standing at BC
  • Have satisfied the Civic Literacy requirement per Florida Statute 1007.25(4), if required
  • Have satisfied the foreign language requirement per Florida Statute 1007.25(8)

Complete the opt-in form or send an email to or call 954-201-8344 to get started with Reverse Transfer!


Student Forms

The Admissions Office, Advising Office, and Office of the Registrar now offer electronic form submissions.

Please Note: Students will be prompted to log in to Broward College One Access to access a form.

If you are an international partnership student enrolled in a Broward College program outside of the United States, all electronic, Dynamic Forms are available within the International Partnership Centers tab.

Do you have questions?

The Registrar’s team is prepared to respond to your questions about incoming and outgoing transcripts, accelerated credit (AP, AICE, IB, CLEP), diplomas, enrollment verification and FERPA permissions.