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Author teaches readers how to embrace life
Jayda Hall
Staff writer

The status of being single is often frowned upon by many women.
What these women don’t know is that being single is more a lifestyle, one that can be amazing if you stop waiting around for the love of your life.
Mandy Hale inspired many by her book, “The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass”, to encourage us single women all over that being alone isn’t as bad as it seems.
Hale stated in her book that not everything in life has to be about finding ‘The One.’
Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun.
You see, women everywhere trying to get married by 25, when instead they should be enjoying life.
As a replacement for going on a date with a guy you barely like, call up a group of friends and hit up the movies.
You are missing out on just about everything if you think life is all about going on constant dates with different guys looking for one to spend the rest of your life with.
My favorite chapter in Hale’s book is, “Too fabulous to settle.”
Many women are knocking on thirty and still single.
So instead of enjoying life and waiting for Prince Charming to find them, they bring down their standards and settle for the evil twin.
Every single woman has power.
You must know your worth and realize that your standards are never too high. If a guy wants to be with you, he must be able to match your fly, not bring you down because he isn’t “man” enough for you.
“Be Still.” Something many women can’t do.
Every time an opportunity of being in a relationship comes up, they go for it.
Sometimes when a guy appears out of the blue and he’s everything you dreamed of, it’s better to not even entertain the fantasy.
Sometimes, it is too good to be true and you will only be setting yourself up for heartbreak.
The best gift that life gives you sometimes is the gift of good-bye.
Ladies, when you are in a toxic relationship and nothing good is coming out of it, you must make peace, then say peace.
Never stay where you aren’t wanted.
If a guy isn’t doing anything to keep you around or even better, make you happy, you must learn to say “Sayonara,” (Japanese way of saying good-bye), and move on with your life.
“A happy ending? How about a happy life?”
Hale used this chapter to basically say to women, don’t waste your entire life searching high and low for a man to make your ending happy.
When you’re old and gray, would you rather reminisce about the trip you took to Bora Bora for your 35th birthday?
Or would you prefer sitting in a rocking chair still holding on to that terrible relationship you were in decades ago?
It’s better to enjoy life and make yourself happy.
Now, Hale isn’t bashing relationships.
In fact she’s in her mid-thirties waiting for the right man to come into her life.
This doesn’t stop her from living her life and pursuing her dreams and it shouldn’t stop the rest of the single women around the world.
The book is available in book stores as well as the Internet, on sites such as
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