BC Talks: Fall 2022 Speech Showcase Guidelines

Celebrating Our Strengths through Cultural Diversity

About the Event

In Celebrating Our Strengths, BC Talks has coordinated a speech showcase to exhibit the spoken expressions of our student body as it relates to topics from 2022-2023 College Read’s book, American Like Me by America Ferrara.

Check out these two videos about the books:


  • To provide students with a platform to showcase spoken expressions
  • To showcase the public speaking capabilities of our student body
  • To offer an opportunity for proficient speakers to gain experience
  • To educate students on the fundamentals of public speaking by observing proficient speakers
  • To promote College Read’s readings

Event Details

  • Event Name: Celebrating Our Strengths through Cultural Diversity
  • Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022
  • Time: 2:30pm to 4:00pm
  • Type of Event: Virtual Zoom Webinar
  • Zoom Link


  • All participants of the event (presenters, entertainers, & hosts) will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Type of Speech Presentations

  • Story: Tell a story related to a major topic
  • Speech: Describe or explain a major topic. Or change or reinforce the ideas, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors of audience about a major topic
  • Spoken Word: Perform poetry, comedy, skit, or monologue related to a major topic


The many topics of BC Talks Speech Showcase are based on the 2022-2023 College Read’s book, American Like Me by America Ferrara. The book consists of 31 stories about life between cultures, the struggles in establishing a cultural identity, the search to belong, and acceptance of cultures. Students are welcome to present speeches, stories, spoken word (poetry), comedy, or skits related to the themes of the book.

All performances must focus at least one of the major topics in the book. Major topics in the book are the following:

  • cultural identity                                       
  • immigrant experience              
  • first-generation                           
  • The American Dream                
  • self-identity 
  • assimilation 
  • sense of belonging 
  • multicultural
  • linguistic diversity   
  • stereotypes
  • prejudice
  • inequality
  • imposter syndrome
  • US immigration policy
  • boundaries                   

Time Length

The speech should be 3 to 5 minutes.

Mode of Delivery

The performances may be a memorized or extemporaneous presentations. Speakers may use note cards.

Speaker's Attire

Speaker should dress in business casual attire.


To be eligible to participate in the BC Talks, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an enrolled Broward College student (full or part-time) for Fall 2022
  • Must read the College Read’s book, American Like Me by America Ferrara
    • Free copies of the book may be obtained from speech faculty or designated contacts:
      • Central Campus: Location: 9/200 (Communication Department)
      • North Campus: Location: 47/309 (English Department)
      • South Campus: Location: 72/137 (English Department)
      • Online Campus: E-book available via BC Library
  • Must complete the online Student Interest Form, which will require you to submit an audition video (visual/audio) by Monday, October 31, 2022, by 11:59pm.
  • Must be committed, if selected, to being virtually present during the scheduled event on November 9, 2022.
    • On the day of the event, participating students will be encouraged to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start event (Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 4:10pm).


  1. The performances must fit the following requirements:
    • Performances must be based on topics listed above in Topics.
    • No profanity or inappropriate language show be used in performance.
    • In the audition video, the student must present the performance that he or she intends on performing at the showcase.
      • Must be standing up (visible from the waist up) and wearing appropriate attire in the video.
      • If it is a group performance, all participating students must be in the video.
        1. Each member of the group should submit an individual online Student Interest Form.
      • If the student is interested in hosting, please create a mock video, showing the committee how you intend to the host the event.
    • All entries must reflect the original work of the speaker.
    • A speech or work created and presented for a previous class assignment may be submitted.
      • Students are STRONGLY encouraged to review their audition videos to make sure the performances are appropriate.
    • A link to download or view the audition video (visual and audio) of the performance should be included in the Student Interest Form, which is due by Monday, October 31, 2022, by 11:59pm.
      • The video submission link may be the actual video file or link to video (using a hosting site).
      • No entries will be returned, so please keep a copy of your video file.
      • The student selected to perform will be notified by November 4, 2022.
  1. The BC Talks Committee will select the performers based on the audition videos.
  2. Decisions by the BC Talks Committee are final.