BC Talks: Speech Showcase

Celebrating Our Strengths through Cultural Diversity

Thursday, November 16, 2022; 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Welcoming Remarks

Richard Louis, Host

Showcase Performers

Ariana Corniel: I Hate the Way (POEM)
Tuoi Ha: Cultural Shocks (STORY)
Justin Rodriguez: Rechazame by Prince Royce (SONG)
Kevin Jean Baptiste: Twelve Lines for Him by Emmanuel W. Vedrine (POEM)
Norman Perry: Homecoming King (STORY)
Akniyet Bolatkyzy: My Village by Shymbergen Suleymenov (SONG)
Juan Galindo: Out of My Comfort Zone (STORY)
Abby-Gale Lewis: It Does Not Need to be Perfect to be Pretty (POEM)
Gabriela Alvarado: What is True Beauty? (STORY)
Mya Higgs: Faith (POEM)
Samira Funchess: My Why (STORY)

Closing Remarks

Richard Louis, Host

Communication Administrators

Amoy Reid, Communication Pathway Dean
Jennifer Solley, Associate Dean, Central
Edward Cornejo, Associate Dean, South
Michelle Jackson, Associate Dean, North
Rhonda Bobb, Associate Dean, Online

BC Talks Committee

Rosena Beniste, Speech Faculty, Central
Laura Raymond, Speech Faculty, Central
Kimberly Kamuca, Speech Faculty, North
Victoria Ng, Speech Faculty, Central
Richard Louis, Speech Faculty, South
Hannah Moody, Speech Faculty, Central
Isabel Kellem, Speech Faculty, North

Coordinated by BC Talks Committee
In Partnership with College Read
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