​​Useful Links for Student Interns:


​Internships through the Internships EDGE Program can be paid or unpaid, but they are generally unpaid. However, the benefits are invaluable. Students receive (3) college credits, an opportunity to work with an employer in their career field, and gain work-related experience that will help boost resume.

Please note: The College does not support non-credit/non-paid internships. Students must receive college credits and/or be paid for their work as an intern.

Yes. Students have to pay for the course just like any regular ‘for credit’ class. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

​Yes. Students can participate in more than one internship. Please consult with your academic advisor to ensure that you are not exceeding your credit limit.

Yes, however, you must work with the faculty internship advisor in developing learning objectives and course projects that are not related to your current position. Learning objectives and projects should be related to future career goals. The internship should also be approved by your current supervisor.

​Yes. Students have completed internships with Public Relations, Economic Development, and Grants Development departments at the College. Visit for current internship opportunities.

No. Students must be currently enrolled in a degree program at BC.

​It is not encouraged. The College only supports internships secured through the Internship EDGE process, and required departmental internships.