Panku is Broward College's Award-Winning Literary and Arts Magazine. The magazine publishes student poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, and art in all its forms, including music and film.

Our Mission Statement: Panku exists to represent the evolving artistic community at Broward College. Our mission is to publish the best work submitted by the Broward College student body.


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Panku celebrates is 60th anniversary this year! 

Panku is open for submissions! The deadline to be included in the Fall 2024 issue is midnight on Thursday, September 19, 2024. 


How to Submit Your Own, Original Work

Panku only accepts works from currently enrolled Broward College Students. For your work to be considered, you must include a cover page with the following information. Emails without cover pages will not be considered. The cover page can be any format (Word, PDF, or written in the email).

  • Name
  • Email address (one that you check regularly)
  • Telephone number
  • Number of credits you are taking this semester
  • Campus where you take most of your classes
  • Title of work(s) submitted. Panku will not consider works without titles. “Untitled” is not a title.
  • Medium (for art)
  • Brief Bio telling us about yourself. For examples, see a recent issue of Panku. (Max 30 words)

  • ALL SUBMISSIONS must include a cover page.
  • ALL WORKS must be titled, including art and photography. “Untitled” is not a title.
  • Submissions cannot be revised once sent. Make certain the work you send is the work you want published.
  • POETS: Submit up to 10 poems as Word or PDF attachments. Submit each poem in its own, individual file. Do not submit multiple poems in a single file. Name each file the title of the poem. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON YOUR WORKS.
  • FICTION WRITERS: Submit up to 3 short stories, no more than 2,000 words each. Fiction must be double-spaced. Submit each short story in its own, individual file. Do not submit multiple short stories in a single file. Name each file the title of the short story. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON YOUR WORKS.
  • ESSAYISTS: Submit up to 3 essays, no more than 2,000 words each. Essays must be double-spaced. Submit each essay in its own, individual file. Do not submit multiple essays in a single file. Name each file the title of the essay. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON YOUR WORKS.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS: Submit up to 10 photographs, with each photograph in its own, individual file. Name files the title of the photograph. Untitled photographs will not be considered. JPEG submissions—at least 300 DPI export, sRGB color space, and Standard Aspect Ratios (1:1, 3:2, 4X5, etc.) preferred. If you have a RAW file, please retain it in the event your work is accepted for publication. If the image was made on film, be prepared to rescan for publication.
  • ARTISTS: Submit up to 10 works, each in its own, individual file. Name files the title of the artwork. Untitled artwork will not be considered. Include medium for each submission. Include dimensions of art and ceramic pieces. Artists can scan or photograph work. If selected and if necessary, your work will be professionally rescanned or photographed. Sculpture artists are encouraged to submit multiple photos from noticeably different perspectives. Note that P’an Ku generally does not publish fan art (portraits of celebrities, manga/anime style, copied characters).
  • FILMMAKERS: Send file and/or link.
  • MUSICIANS: Send SoundCloud files.
  • Yes, you can submit in multiple categories.

If your work is selected for publication, we will notify you within five weeks after the submission deadline. Panku does not send rejection notices, nor do we provide critiques of your work.

Email your submission to


  • Zoom in as much as you can but do not crop image.
  • Image should be in focus.
  • Do NOT show drawing board, easel, etc. Crop!
  • Try to shoot in natural light/outdoors in shade to avoid glare.
  • If using any kind of black & white media, desaturate the image.
  • For sculpture: Background should NOT be busy (people, furniture, other art works, etc.).


Panku is the Broward College student literary & arts magazine. Panku strives to promote and encourage the creative efforts of BC students in the literary and visual arts. It also serves as a training ground for students interested in careers in editing, publishing, graphic design, advertising, filmmaking, and other aspects of the collaborative creative process.

Published twice yearly, in each of the two major terms, Panku is a member of the Florida College System Press Association (FCSPA). Panku routinely receives recognition at the annual FCSPA Awards banquet as one of the best literary & arts magazines among the state college system in Florida.

  • The first issue appeared in 1964.
  • The first advisor of the magazine was Helen Anne Easterly.
  • The first issue contained a variety of work, including work by faculty as well as students.
  • One of the highlights of the issue was a short story, "It Reminds One of the Opera," by Harry Crews, who was a faculty member at BCC during the sixties and early seventies.

Panku, on the verge of ceasing to exist, was saved when a new faculty member, Betty Owen, agreed to be the advisor.

For more than two decades, Betty was the driving force behind Panku and creative writing at the College. Known as the "Patron Saint of Literary Magazines," Betty was involved in all aspects of student writing at both the local and state level.

Betty is a member of the Florida College System Press Association's (FCSPA) Hall of Fame. At the annual convention, Betty's magazine critiques were the highlight of the presentations. Betty was also elected to the Florida Community College Activities Association's Hall of Fame, the first publications advisor to be so honored.

The issues of the magazine during the sixties, seventies, and early eighties reflect the diverse nature of the students and the nurturing and encouragement that Betty gives to everyone who comes in contact with her. Her ideals are reflected in the magazine today.

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