Veterans Services FAQs

What is the STEM Extension?

Veterans Services FAQs


How do I apply for the STEM Extension?


What is BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing)?

How much BAH (Basic Allowance for House) am I eligible for?


BAH percentages based on enrolled credits:

Credit hours Training Time


Rate of Pursuit


1 - 5

Not Payable




Not Payable




7/12 = 0.58


MHA * .6


8/12 = 0.67


MHA * .7


9/12 = 0.75


MHA * .8


10/12 = 0.83


MHA * .8


11/12 = 0.92


MHA * .9


12/12 = 100%


Full MHA


Veteran Service FAQs

Broward College recognizes and appreciates the important contributions made by active duty, Reserve, and National Guard members. In order to accommodate these students and their dependents, University Policy provides direction to faculty and staff on offering these students the following options to accommodate unexpected training/drill, deployment, or change-of-station orders:

  1. For any training/drill, deployment, or change-of-station orders: Students will attempt to decide with instructors to maintain and/or make up classwork as needed and to assign grades as appropriate (including incompletes, to be made up later). Registration for those courses, in which instructors accommodate the absence will remain intact and tuition and mandatory fees will be assessed in full for those courses. Service members should provide instructors with maximum notice of absences, providing copies of training/drill, deployment, and/or change-of-station directives from the Military, Reserve, or National Guard.
  2. Instructors must accommodate absences of up to two weeks in duration (or equivalent in Summer) in accordance with paragraph one.
  3. When unable to make satisfactory arrangements with all instructors: Courses will be dropped and the tuition and mandatory fees for those courses will be rescinded.
  4. When unable to decide with any instructors for unexpected orders requiring longer than a two-week absence: The student’s entire registration for that semester will be withdrawn or cancelled and 100% of the tuition and mandatory fees will be rescinded.
  5. In order to have your tuition rescinded, you will need to submit a Academic Standards Petition form

If you still have questions, please contact us via email:

Make sure you include your name, student ID, your phone number, with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Yes, if the courses you are enrolled in apply to your degree or
  • VA can pay benefits for courses taken at secondary If the student is only enrolledat the secondary school (supplemental enrollment), VA will pay for the credits taken at the secondary school. If the student is enrolled at the primary school and the secondary school at the same time (concurrent enrollment), VA will pay for the combined credit, taking overlapping enrollment dates into account.
  • A Parent Letter from your primary institution is needed for this. You must submit theParent Letter to your secondary institution to let them know what courses you will be taking and the term dates of the courses. This lets the school know how to certify your benefits.

  • VA will not pay benefits for courses not required to complete your degree or
  • If we report that you received a grade which does not count toward your graduation, youmay have to repay all benefits the VA paid for the course (tuition and housing and if the dropped courses drop you to half-time enrollment, you would have to return all BAH paid to you for that term).
  • The exception to this rule is Rounding Out. This is an option for Chapter 33 Veterans onlyto ‘round out’ to full-time enrollment in their final semester/term; if their remaining credits needed to graduate would make them have less than full-time enrollment. This option is only available in the student’s graduating term.

  • If you withdraw from one or more courses after the end of your school’s drop period andreceive grades that don’t count toward your graduation requirements, you may have to repay all the benefits VA paid for the course from the beginning of the term (including BAH).
  • You may not have to repay the benefits if you show that the change was due toextenuating

Withdrawal circumstances the VA may accept include:

  • Extended illness
  • Lack of child care
  • Unscheduled changes in your employment
  • Severe illness or death in your immediate family

Note: You should send supporting documentation directly to the VA.

Circumstances the VA may not accept are:

  • You do not like your professor/instructor
  • You attempted too many courses at one time
  • You withdrew to avoid failing the class

Note: If you withdraw from a class, you must email Veteran Services, to have your enrollment adjusted. If you do not, you will create a debt with the VA for BAH paid to you for that class.