Steps to Enroll in Certification Courses

Spring 2022 - Available courses
Course ID Course Name Faculty Session Dates
EEX4486 Differentiated Instruction Montiel 2 Jan 5 - Feb 27
EEX4293 Assessment & Strategies In Exceptional Student Ed Walker 4 March 9 - May 3
RED4519 Diagnostic & Instructional Interventions In Reading Alvarez 2 Jan 5 - Feb 27
RED4844 Reading Practicum Alvarez 4 March 9 - May 3
TSL4081 Esol Issues and Strategies II Solley 4 March 9 - May 3
RED3342 Foundations of Reading  Santiago  Jan 5 - Feb 27
TSL3080  SOL Issues and Strategies  Ludtke  Jan 5 - Feb 27

Important Note: Register early to secure a spot in the class you need in order to obtain your professional certificate in a timely fashion. The website will be updated with the SUMMER TERM Schedule and Registration Request Link (Step 3) online: Thursday, March 17, 2022.

PRE-REQUISITES: For students completing edorsements in Reading and ESOL, please remember that the courses must be completed in order and pre-requisites must be completed to move on to the next course.

Complete the admissions process by submitting a Broward College Application.

After applying please submit your residency documents

Submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended to the Office of the College Registrar. You may request to have the transcripts sent electronically to Broward College or mail official, sealed hard copies to:

Broward College
Office of the College Registrar
4205 Bonaventure Blvd.
Weston, FL 33332

Submit a Courses for Certification Request Form for the term in which you intend to begin the program. 

This form must be submitted every term for which you wish to take courses.

Submit a copy of your Temporary Educator's Certificate or Professional Educator's Certificate to Mr. Leo Julien at You may scan or take a picture of the document and email it directly. In addition, you will be required to submit your Temporary Educator's Certificate or Professional Educator's Certificate every term in which you wish to take courses. Please note you will not be registered for courses for certification until you have submitted your documentation every term.

Once we receive all the necessary documents, your advisor will register you for the courses in which you specified on your application. Be sure that you select your courses based on what the FLDOE has required you to take as it appears on your Statement of Eligibility (SOE). Once registration has been completed you will be notified via email to confirm your schedule and submit payment for the course(s). For information please contact Mr. Leo Julien at or call 954-201-2504.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • For the first term, carefully review the five steps outlined on the endorsement's website. If you have missed two major consecutive terms, then you will need to complete a re-entry application.
  • Review the schedule and offering of classes (STEP 1). Be sure to confirm that the classes are available for the term you are submitting a request to be registered first.
  • Submit your registration request and email your temporary or professional certificate (STEPS 3 & 4).

Going forward after your first term, STEPS 3 & 4 will need to be repeated each term after the updated schedule and registration request link are made available online.

Once your classes are completed, the completion of the endorsement will be conferred on your transcript showing that you have completed the requirements. You may then order your official transcripts to be sent to the FLDOE.

The address for where your transcripts should be sent will be sent to you by the FLDOE after you have submitted an application to add the endorsement in question. See below regarding the contact information for the FLDOE.

The college policy requires that at least 25% of the total courses for the program or certificate be completed at Broward College. For this reason, only one course can be transferred from another institution for the autism endorsement. We must have the official college transcripts received and on file in order to submit a request to have a course substitution waiver applied. The syllabus and/or detailed course descriptions will be required for the departmental review.

This process does not guarantee that the course will be approved as equivalent. you may contact the advisor assisting with registration for guidance on this process.

The maximum number of courses that can be transferred over for the following programs are ESOL/Reading - all classes must be completed at BC to meet the 25% completion rule Autism: 1 class (3 credits) may be transferred from another institution.

The ESE K-12 programs curriculum has been changed and the courses that include the competencies that satisfy the requirements to add the endorsement were redesigned after 2020. If you have taken your courses before these changes were implemented then the courses cannot be used for that purpose. You would need to retake those courses to have the autism endorsement added through the endorsement route at the college.

Contact the FLDOE Certification Office Directly: 800-445-6739

The first step is for the educator to submit the application and fee for an evaluation of the courses on their official transcripts. When the application is processed, the educator will receive a statement of the status of the eligibility letter that lists any missing requirements. The statement of the status of the eligibility letter will remain valid for 3 years from the date that it is processed, which will allow the educator plenty of time to complete any missing requirements without being required to reapply or pay the fee again.

Please see the instructions below for steps on how to order an official transcript to be sent for review after you complete all of your classes for the endorsement you are looking to add. You may either:

  • Have the transcript sent directly to the FLDOE.
  • Recommended: Have the official transcripts sent to yourself. Do not open the envelope (it needs to remain official). Write your FLDOE number on the front of the envelope, and send in another envelope certified (for tracking purposes) to the FLDOE.

Please refer to the registrar website.

Official Transcripts:

  • Order official Broward College transcripts or check the status of a previous order through Credentials Solutions, Inc.
  • Current students may also order transcripts through their myBC portal.

Each official transcript incurs a $5.00 fee. All financial obligations must be paid in full prior to official transcripts being released. You may contact Credentials at 847-716-3005 with questions about transcript orders.

Please Note: The Office of the Registrar is currently working remotely due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19. At this time, 'transcript pick-up' is currently unavailable. Please reference Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for the status of the reopening of the college.

Educators are able to complete these endorsement courses at any time, and the endorsement can be added to a Temporary Certificate as long as the educator has a valid (unexpired) Temporary Certificate and has submitted an application (along with payment).

No, there is no expiration date for courses, although an educator's application is valid for one year. When the applicant receives a statement of the status of eligibility (SOE), these statements are valid for three years. If the applicant does not meet the requirements and submit them to the FLDOE within this timeframe, they will need to complete another application and pay the processing fee.

The recommendation would be to apply for the endorsement and wait for the SOE to be issued. Please keep in mind that the application fee is specifically for reviewing and processing applications, so the FLDOE does not provide course approvals for applicants who do not have an open application.

To add a subject or endorsement to any certificate, an application is required.

Full time teachers can take advantage of the Florida State Employee Waiver and have certain classes paid for (see below for more information).  When you submit a registration request, please select that you plan to use the tuition fee waiver (this will ensure that you are registered on the designated employee registration date.  You will then receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with having the fees paid, for up to six credits (2 classes) each term.  All five of the Autism Endorsement courses are eligible for the tuition fee waiver.

Important Note: Teachers must be registered a day before the class begins based on availability in order to take advantage of the waiver without exception. For this reason, it is imperative that you mark off that you plan to use the fee waiver on the request form when submitting your registration request.

Also: ESOL & Reading Endorsement Courses are not eligible for the waiver.

Teacher Tuition & Fee Waiver

IMPORTANT: For teachers planning to use a Tuition and Fee Waiver for recertification purposes, please be advised that you must be registered for the course a business day before the class begins.  Teachers with a temporary certificate are not eligible for the tuition fee waiver. Visit the college calendar and filter by "State Employees" for registration dates details. Once the request form is submitted students will be registered as requested and if not within the specified registration time frame, will not be eligible for the waiver for that specific term registered.

Teachers employed full-time by a school district in Florida State, including public charter school teachers, may qualify for a Tuition and Fee Waiver (PDF) for enrollment in up to six credits of undergraduate coursework in mathematics, science, or special education for recertification purposes. Teachers must present the completed Tuition and Fee Waiver with the appropriate signatures and employment verification directly to the Registration Office as well as any Broward College Cashier's Office. Registration for requested courses is based on seat availability. See the link for a list of approved Teacher Waiver Courses (PDF). Teachers enrolling in Teacher Waiver Courses are also required to follow the steps above to apply. Teachers should verify with the admissions office to ensure that they are classified for In-State tuition if necessary beforehand as the waiver is based on In-State tuition rates.

For more information about Tuition and Fee Waivers or related courses, please contact any cashier’s office.