Earn your Commercial Pilot License and meet Indian DGCA requirements for licensing and ratings

Through our partnership with the National Management School (CIE-NMS), Broward College is pleased to offer a program of study to students in India, leading to an associate's of science degree in professional pilot technology.  This degree will make graduates eligible for a rewarding career as a professional pilot with large airlines such as IndiGoVistara, and others.

Students will spend one year at Broward College India studying general education courses and then transfer to Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA where they will complete their flying education as well as other aviation-related coursework.  Florida is world-renown for excellent flying weather.  Students have the option of completing one-year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon graduation, and maybe hired as a flight instructor by the College's flight training partner, Phoenix East Aviation.

Successful completion of the program will earn you the necessary FAA ratings and the required DGCA flight hours which will enable you to convert your licenses and ratings when you return to India.

Program Details

  • ENC1101 - Composition I 0 credits
  • ENC1102 - Composition II 0 credits
  • MAC1105 - College Algebra 0 credits
  • SPC1024 - Intro to Speech Comm. 0 credits
  • General Education Humanities 0 credits
  • General Education Social Science 0 credits
  • CGS2100C - Computer Applications or CGS1060C - Computer & Internet Literacy 0 credits
  • PHY1001 - Applied Physics 0 credits
  • ASC1010 - Aviation History 0 credits
  • ASC1210 - Aviation Weather 0 credits
  • ASC2870 - Aviation Safety 0 credits
Total in India: 33.0 credits

  • ATT1100 - Aeronautical Science 0 credits
  • ASC1100 - Navigation Science 0 credits
  • ATF1100 - Primary Flight 0 credits
  • ATT2120 - Instrument Flight Theory 0 credits
  • ASC2110 - Navigational Science II 0 credits
  • ATF2305 - Commercial Flight I 0 credits
  • ATF2600 - Flight Simulator 0 credit
  • ASC1610 - A/C Engines & Systems 0 credits
  • ATT2110 - Commercial Flight Theory 0 credits
  • ATF2204 - Commercial Flight II 0 credits
  • ATF2205 - Commercial Flight III 0 credits
  • ATF2400 - Multi-Engine Transition 0 credit
  • ATF2630 - Multi-Engine Simulator 0 credit
  • ATF2500 - Flight Instructor Training 0 credits
Total in Fort Lauderdale 35.0 credits

  • Private Pilot: 55 flight hours (includes 10 hours solo)
  • Commercial/Instrument: 85 flight hours (10 hours solo)
  • Multi-engine 15 flight hours (India DGCA requirement is 10 hours)
  • Solo: Cessna 172SP 80 hours
  • India requirement: 220 hours Single Engine + 25 hours multi engine = 245 hours

  • First year in India – for 33 credits - $11,550
  • Second year in the US – for 35 credits - $13,055
  • Second year for flight training - $50,000 (estimated)

TOTAL Fees is estimated at $75,000 + living expenses at $12,000 per year.

Includes the cost of books, equipment and uniforms

Other fees that are not included in the above fees are those related to your SEVIS fee, US consulate visa fees, US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) background exam fee, fingerprint fee, TSA ID badge fee and flight physical fee.

Note: It is recommended to allow for a 10% to 15% increase in cost for proficiency.  Fuel surcharges, if any, are not included.  There is a check ride fee of about $900.  Costs are based on Training Course Outlines designed to be representative of minimum time.  Actual training time may vary based on individual ability and preparation.  Courses are FAA Part 141 training as required by the US Government for international students.

Program Benefits

After completing your associate's degree in 2 years, you will be eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) on F-1 visa for 1 year which will allow you to work in the US in your field of study.  Through our partnership with Phoenix East Aviation, you will be given priority consideration for employment as a flight instructor, where you will earn $25 per hour as well as be able to log additional flight time while instructing new students. Flight instructors accrue approximately 800 hours per year.

You will also be ready for the DGCA certification

After 1 year of OTP and Flight Instructor experience, you will return to India and be eligible for employment by one of the following airlines: Indigo, GoAir, Spice, Vistara (to be finalized).

You may decide to do 2 more years of course work toward your Bachelor’s Degree either at Broward College or other Universities before you re-enter the Aviation career.

If the Airline employer wants, you may have to do additional training in upset prevention and recovery as well as an aircraft type rating. These 2 training programs may cost about $45,000 additionally and will take about 2 more months. 

Admission Process

If qualified, you will get an admission letter.

For more information, please email Dr. Sankaran Raghunathan at sankaran@broward.in.