Digital Literacy Requirement

All Broward College degree seeking students must fulfil the digital literacy requirement pursuant to Broward College Policy and Procedure 4.11.

Students should fulfill the digital literacy requirement within the first 15 credit hours of enrollment at Broward College. 

Special Note: some degree seeking students may have to complete the course option (CGS1060C) according to their program of study or higher level course prerequisites. This can be accomplished several ways depending on your program of study and pathway prerequisites. Some programs require the completion of CGS1060C. However, there are some programs that allow alternate course options. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your pathway advisor to choose the correct option for you before taking a test or course!

The Broward College Testing and Assessment Centers offer several local testing options for students to satisfy the Digital Literacy requirement. Students may meet this requirement using one of the options below. 

Digital Literacy Competencies

  1. Communicate appropriately using a range of digital tools.
  2. Evaluate and adopt new technologies for career, home, and school.
  3. Effectively use software applications to create documents and manage data, and use software applications relative to career and academic goals.
  4. Demonstrate effective use of digital media technologies to create, publish and share meaningful, informative presentations and other content for both career and academic purposes.
  5. Manage online identities effectively while knowing how to stay safe, identify and minimize online risks, avoid digital overload, and manage boundaries in social media and other virtually connected spaces.
  6. Understand how to effectively use digital resources to search for, apply, and obtain employment.

Successful completion of CGS1060C or equivalent. 

Successful completion of the following standardized exam which does not award college credit.

  • Locally Administered Non-Course Credit Test
    • Available in a BC Testing and Assessment Center

Successful completion of one of the following credit-by-exams.

  • Locally Administered Credit-by-Exam
    • Available in a BC Testing and Assessment Center
      • CLEP: Information Systems
  • Credit-by-Exam available during high school
    • Not available for students after they graduate high school
      • AP:
        • Exams available: Computer Science A or Computer Science AB 
      • AICE
        • Exams available: Applied ICT-Information, Communication Technology (A-Level or AS-Level) or Computing (A-Level or AS-Level)
  • Credit-by-Exam available from the vendor