Broward College awards college credit for standardized examinations that document the required knowledge and competencies for one or more subject areas. Broward College uses the minimum scores, credits, and guidelines for awarding credit for exams established by the State of Florida's Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC). For additional information, please review Broward College Policy 6Hx2-4.11 and Broward College Procedure A6Hx2-4.11

Research shows that adult students who utilize acceleration mechanisms like credit-by-exam outperform their peers, graduate at higher rates, and save money and time towards their degree. 

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Students who earn credits through Credit-by-Exam:

CAEL (Council for Adult and Experiential Learning)  References:

Save Money

On average, students save between $1,222.00 and $3,048.00 while attaining their degree!

Save Time

On average, students save an average of 2.5 to 13.9 months of time while attaining their degree!

Persist Longer

On average, students take an additional 19 more credit hours!

Earn a Degree

Graduation rates are nearly 22% higher!

Local Testing Option: CLEP

Visit the Local Testing Option: CLEP webpage for more information. 

Broward College Testing and Assessment Centers offer CLEP exams for students and the community. 

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