CLEP Equivalencies

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides an opportunity for BC students to earn college credit for prior knowledge in certain subject exams available by CLEP. To qualify for college credit, students must earn an appropriate passing score on the nationally administered exam. 

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Broward College uses the minimum scores, credits, and guidelines for awarding credit for exams established by the State of Florida's Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC). For additional information, please review Broward College Policy 6Hx2-4.11 and Broward College Procedure A6Hx2-4.11.

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Credit-by-Exam Facts:

Exam Title Course Equivalent Credit Hours Passing Score Available at Testing and Assessment Center Satisfies Writing Requirement Satisfies International/ Intercultural Requirement

American Government 

Meets Civic Literacy Requirement

POS2041 3 50 Yes Yes
American Literature AML2010 3 50 Yes Yes Yes
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature None (Recommend American or English Literature) N/A N/A No
Biology BSC1005 (no lab credit) *3 50 Yes
Calculus MAC2233 (Business Calculus) 3 50 Yes
Chemistry CHM1020 (no lab credit) *3 50 Yes
College Algebra MAC1105 3 50 Yes

College Composition

(Recommended for BC Purposes)

ENC1101 & ENC1102 6 50 Yes

College Composition Modular

(Not recommended for BC Purposes)

None N/A N/A No

College Algebra-Trigonometry 

(unavailable after 6/30/2006)

MAC1147 3 50 No
College Mathematics MGF1106 or MGF1107 3 50 Yes

English Composition with Essay 

(Unavailable after 6/30/2010)

ENC1101 3 50 No Yes
English Literature LIT2000 3 50 Yes Yes Yes
Financial Accounting ACG2001 3 50 Yes
French Language


FRE1120 & FRE1121 (Meets Foreign Language Requirement)







Yes Yes
Freshman Composition (Unavailable after 6/30/2006) None N/A N/A No
German Language


GER1120 & GER1121 (Meets Foreign Language Requirement)







Yes   Yes
History of the United States 1: Early colonization's to 1877 AMH2010 3 50 Yes Yes
History of the United States 2: 1865 to Present AMH2020 3 50 Yes Yes
Human Growth and Development DEP2004 3 50 Yes Yes Yes
Humanities HUM1020 3 50 Yes Yes Yes

Information Systems 

(Formerly Information Systems and Computer Applications) 

Meets Digital Literacy Requirement

CGS1060C 3 50 Yes
Introduction to Educational Psychology EDP2002 3 50 Yes
Introduction to Business Law BUL2241 3 50 Yes
Introductory Psychology PSY2012 3 50 Yes Yes Yes

Principles of Accounting

(unavailable after 6/30/2007)

ACG2001 3 50 No
Principles of Macroeconomics ECO2013 3 50 Yes Yes
Principles of Management MAN2021 3 50 Yes
Principles of Marketing MAR1011 3 50 Yes
Principles of Microeconomics ECO2023 3 50 Yes
Natural Science None N/A N/A No
Precalculus MAC1140 3 50 Yes
Social Science and History None N/A N/A No
Sociology, Introductory SYG2000 3 50 Yes Yes Yes
Spanish Language


SPN1120 & SPN1121 (Meets Foreign Language Requirement)







Yes   Yes

Spanish with Writing

(Not Recommended for BC Students)


SPN1120 & SPN1121 (Meets Foreign Language Requirement)







Yes Yes


(unavailable after 6/30/2006)

MAC1114 3 50 No
Western Civilization 1: Ancient Near East to 1648 EUH1000 3 50 Yes Yes Yes
Western Civilization 2: 1648 to Present EUH1001 3 50 Yes Yes Yes